Sword of Sigeberht

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Sword of Sigeberht

This enormous saxon sword was carried by the legendary Sigeberht the Saxon.

If anyone ever thought of telling Sigeberht that carrying a sword with two hands was a bad idea, he either didn’t dear or didn’t survive long enough to complain.

The sword it self is a sword used with two hands, but in a classic saxon style. The blade is made with hardened steel but jagged with many years of use. It’s heavy and hard to use, but packs a punch worthy of a giant.

In game terms:
The shear size of the weapon grants it +1D6 Damage but requires the user to wield it with “Two-handed Sword”, a skill that cannot be found in the early periods. The Technique supposedly died with Siegberht. The sword is enchanted wotanic virtues and breaks other weapons (including regular swords) on the event of a tie in battle. The large sword cannot be carried easily, if carried in the scabbard the knight cannot carry any other swords or shields and remain dexterous.


Stories tell that the sword was made in the forges of giants far in the North, and that Sigeberht’s ancestor stole it from under their noses. Some even claim that the Giants are still looking for it. Either way, something that is certain, is that the family of Fenris is looking for the sword.

In 499, Sir Cadry traveled to Eire to see the giant Himlinglevah. He returned the sword to the giant, who threw it into the sea to be returned to the giant king. In return the giant promised Sir Cadry a weapon from the giants forges when he or one of his descendants had learned to secrets of The Iron Crown and thus understood his family’s legacy and history.

Sigeberht’s sword is sacred to the Fenris line.

Current owner:

The giants

Sword of Sigeberht

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