Rumours 499

The age of anarchy is in full swing. Knights fight against knights, brother against brother. There is no royal court to be seen. From the west, the Iron Tide of Cornwall is growing stronger, and from the north-west King Nanteleod is growing strong every year.

The Country needs a King.

Conversations at the court

Women gossip by the fire

“Those fashions from Cornwall look better to me every time another castle surrenders to King Idres. They are coming! This year Dorsette, next year us. I wonder if this strange alliance will hold.”

“What’re you, the king’s marshal now? You sleeping with Prince Mark when he comes to know that?”

“My cousin knows a trader who goes to Suth Seaxe, and he says that they are all getting ready for another invasion. They put out a call for volunteers from overseas, and sent boxes of silver to hire Franks and Goths.”

“Your cousin says that every year. Oh, did he bring back one of those brooches?”

“No, but wait until you taste the chicken tonight! They found a farmer with french herbs hidden away! I’ve not tasted real chicken in weeks!”

Ulfius makes his voice heard

“War amongst the Saxons. Both King Aelle of Suth Seaxe and King Aesc of Kent are hiring mercenaries. I’ve sent some of my knights to aid in the battle, others should consider the same. If nothing else it’s a chance to kill some Saxons.”

Countess Ellen speaks

“Both King Ælle of Sussex and Aethelswith of Essex have offered generous terms for us if we send just fifteen knights to help them in their war. They both also offer a promise that they will protect us from the other Saxons if we do this. If we don’t, double tribute is required. AElle in particular has threatened us with pillaging if we don’t agree. I assume he is angry that we sent knights to his rival.

“King Cerdic has also, once again, demanded tribute from us.”

Brastias speaks

“King Nanteleod is a decent king, at least considering what there is to offer. But the man has too much intrigue at the court. We will fight in his battles, if nothing else but for the coin. It’s an honest man’s work.”

Current Fashion and trends

Rumours at court

War in Gales. King Nanteleod is hiring footmen. He is going into the mountains to fight the wild tribesmen there.

War in Cornwall. Both King Idres of Cornwall and the Earl of Dorset are hiring mercenaries at the usual rates.

Intrigues at court

[Intrigue 10+] Nobody seem to object openly to the marriage of Sir Blains and Maid Jenna.

[Intrigue 15+] The Countess rejected some kind of secret offer from Cornwall, brought in the middle of the night by a squire of Prince Mark.

[Intrigue 20+] It was an offer of marriage.

Rumours 499

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