Rumours 498

Enemies creep in from every corners, as the old allies of Logres split into factions trying to protect themselves.

In Salisbury, with several of the important Knights away on strange adventures it falls on the women to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Conversations at the court

Women gossip by the fire

“Those fashions from Cornwall look better to me every time another castle surrenders to King Idres. They are coming! This year Jagent, next year us.”

“What’re you, the king’s marshal now? You sleeping with Prince Mark when he comes to know that?”

“My cousin knows a trader who goes to Suth Seaxe, and he says that they are all getting ready for another invasion. They put out a call for volunteers from overseas, and sent boxes of silver to hire Franks and Goths.”

“Your cousin says that every year. Oh, did he bring back one of those brooches?”

“No, but wait until you taste the chicken tonight!”

Ulfius makes his voice heard

“War among the Saxons. Both King Aelle of the Suth Seaxe and King Aesc of Kent are hiring mercenaries, at normal rates. A good way to earn a penny and do some good perhaps?”

Countess Ellen speaks

“Both King Aelle of Suth Seaxe and Aethelswith of Est Seaxe have offered generous terms for us if we send just fifteen knights to help them in their war. They both also promise to protect us from the other Saxons if we do this. If we don’t they require tribute. But Aelle requires double, something is not right. It seemed almost like a threat. Oh, and King Cerdic, once again, demanded tribute.”

Brastias speaks

“War in Gales. King Nanteleod is hiring footmen. He is going into the Black Mountains to fight wild tribesmen there. Strange, with the war of Estragales and all that. I heard Cador brought his company there.”

Current Fashion and trends

Rumours at court

The beggars are upset that the Fool’s gate are to be raised. The knights had to deal with it.

There was bad food at Lady Ellens last Easter Feast.

Lord Ulfius has sent scouts into The Kings old lands in north-eastern Salisbury. He claims he needs to protect it, until a King returns. Will there be armies soon?

Intrigues at court

[Intrigue 10+] Several trade-ships were lost on the eastern seas early spring… They never came back.

[Intrigue 10+] Lord Amig is getting old, they say he can’t please his woman anymore.

[Intrigue 10+] Lady Ellen prefers older men, they say she is glancing towards Ulfius himself!

[Intrigue 12+] Sir Leo can’t control women like a knight should, three women kept pushing him around all year.

[Intrigue 13+] Lady Ellen herself went into the Fool’s room last year, odd.

[Intrigue 15+] The countess rejected some kind of secret offer from Cornwall, brought in he middle of the night by a squire of Prince Mark.

[Intrigue 20+] Ask GM

Rumours 498

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