Rumours 497

Times grow harsh as enemies approaches on all sides. Logres is no more, and old loyalties grow sour and bitter.

In Salisbury, the court still stands strong, and many still remember the ways of the knight, honor and fealty. But will it remain?

Conversations at the court

Women gossip by the fire

“Don’t you think matters are just getting worse?”

“Well, I’ll say that, with all these Saxons showing up, there won’t be a man shortage soon!”

“Listen, darlings, it can’t be good next year if they all take cattle.”

“Let me tell you, we can’t take his forever. We have to do something.”

“Uh huh, but isn’t this better than being burned out and besieged? Look at those guys. If their men ever come over these walls we’ll all have Saxon bastards next spring.”

Ulfius makes his voice heard

“Some of us still remember the old ways. Some of us has not forgotten Uther Pendragon. He may be dead, but his dream of a united island is not. I am still the Sheriff of my county, there is still law as long as I live.”

Countess Ellen speaks

“They want triple tribute this year. We can not afford to pay everyone. And do you recall what Duke Ulfius said last summer, about becoming an ally with one of them?”

Brastias speaks

“I will not serve a man lesser than what I served.”

Current Fashion and trends

Rumours at court

War in Devon. King Idres of Cornwall is hiring, and so is Count Erbin of Devon.

Sir Brastias has become a lordless knight, he refuses to swear to anyone. A few of Uther’s old men rides with him, but they swear to no man. These men ride with him:

  • Sir Llywarch “The horse guy”, the former deputy constable
  • Sir Gracian, the former Commander of the Watch
  • Sir Canet of Occire, a former household knight
  • Sir Felix “Sir Happy”, a former household knight
  • Father “Holy cross-cut” Lucius
  • Teacher Padern “the Knee”

Sir Cador of Cornwall has become a lordless knight, he refuses too to swear to anyone. He has taken up the mantle of a mercenary knight-captain. He stays in one of Sir Do de Carduel, former forest Justicar many forest holdings, moving from season to season. They are often seen together with Ralf, the old King’s huntsman and Melion, the kings old esquire and former chief of the king’s stables.

A few of king Uther’s former thugs still ride the lands, now robber knights. Led by a very wounded Sir Moneval. Sir Minodos and Sir Minodalis the twin knights ride with him, as do “the trio”. Sir Heliandor, Sir Canuc de Caerec and Sir Carac. Some say that Sir Moneval is dead, and that it’s his ghost riding around.

Harley, Anne and Marigold has taken house in Sarum, under the gracious hospitality of Lady Ellen. Rumours fly around like never before (+5 to all intrigue rolls at Sarum court if gossiping for rumours. -5 to intrigue to keep secrets.)

Sir Richard, the former Royal Treasurer, has gathered a large mercenary army.

Rumours of politics in far fletched counties:

  • Saxon Shore – Since the boy knights death, and the saxon invasion. No one knows who holds the lands.
  • Salisbury – Lady Ellen holds the lands, in wait of her son Robert taking the seat.
  • Cornwall (dukedom) – is no more.
  • Linden Pool – held by Duke Corneus still, but contended.
  • Glevum (dukedom) – split into the to counties Clarence and Glevum. With constant feuding between his family.
  • Gentian – Held by the widow Lady Gentian, but with Infighting between several former vassals and relatives.
  • Dorsette – Infighting, but held by the heir.
  • Jagent – Held by the new count, the former lord of Jagent’s 4th son.
  • Devon – Held by the count of Devon, who survived the the Infamous Feast.
Intrigues at court

[Intrigue 5+] Sir Maelgwyn had an affair this winter, they found him tucked between the tits of a young girl, drunk and out of his mind. Or did they?

[Intrigue 5+] Sir Gamond had a son, tucked away on an island far up north.

[Intrigue 10+] Sir Ennis is hung like a horse.

[Intrigue 12+] Sir Maelgwyn’s wife had an affair too.

[Intrigue 18+] Ask GM…

Rumours 497

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