Rumours 496

The Kingdom of Logres is no more and the royal court shatters. Of course there is still intrigue and whispers all of the land, but former friends become enemies as old alliances turn sour.

The King is the land, and with no king, there is no land.

Conversations at the court

Women gossip by the fire

“Let me tell you, this is pretty grim. There is a sickness among the pig farmers, you know, and the cattle aren’t calving properly. We are gong to be short meat this year, I am afraid.”

“Uh huh, but with all those farms that were burned down I would think that there’d be more venison to find, too.”

“Well, I’ll say it — there is still a man shortage. That is serious news!”

“Listen, darlings, it’s not so bad. We have a good spring to plant, the lambing is just fine, and the invaders want to be friendly for a while. It’s not much worse than usual…. Except for the man shortage.”

(Laughter) “Don’t you think it is just a ploy? Didn’t this Cerdic’s father murder everyone with treachery? Why is anyone trusting him at all?”

Ulfius makes his voice heard

“The Collegium was not able to do anything about appointing a king. The nine surviving legates argued about protocol and precedence and did nothing. It seems to be the end of the Collegium as a functioning body. Sad.”

Countess Ellen speaks

“Almost everyone paid tribute last year. Even the two dukes Silchester and Linden Pool paid. But Duke Ulfius is still hurting from the wounds he got at St. Albans, and agreed to ally with King Ælle !”

Brastias speaks

“Where is a man to find reason, in a land of fools?”

Men’s fashion in 496:

Clothes: There is no fashion, only anarchy.


Women’s fashion in 496:

Clothes: There is no fashion, only anarchy.


Rumours at court

There was a small battle last year between the East Saxons and the knights of Caer Colun, and the Saxons lost! The Boy Knight’s old knights must be getting together at last!

King Clovis of France finally was baptized! It only took him four years since he promised! Typical Merovingian haste.

War in Cornwall. King Idres of Cornwall is hiring, and the castellan of Dimiloc is asking for volunteers.

King Cerdic of Wessex is raising an army, and wants mercenaries. He has gathered ships, too.

The Lord of Wight (the Isle of Wight) refuses to pay tribute to King Cerdic, and still holds out in his old fort on the island.

Intrigues at court

[Intrigue 5+] Lady Ellen of Salisbury comforts her daughter almost every night.

[Intrigue 8+] Lady Ellen’s chef is missing.

[Intrigue 10+] War in Norgales. The Three Cadlews (brothers seeking to become king instead of King Pellinore’s de Galis family) are accepting volunteers, to be paid with all the plunder they can take. But they’re are attacking the Irish there, and plunder will be scarce”

[Intrigue 15+] Sir Blains’ agents have been visiting the court of Salisbury. They are asking questions, probing for something.

[Intrigue 15+] An entire barrel of wine turned bad in the wine-cellar of the Rock. But for some reason the barrel hasn’t been emptied.

[Intrigue 18+] Ask GM

Rumours 496

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