Rumours 495

~ Anarchy! ~

There is no royal court to speak of.

The King is dead, the Queen is missing, and almost all Higher nobles in Logres is dead. Even the Dukes and Counts that survived return to tend their own lands.

Conversations at the court

Women gossip by the fire

“Did you hear about the sword? The one in the stone in London? It has writing that says it is for the king of Britain to pull out! What do you think?”

“Let me tell you, this looks like another one of Merlin’s tricks, doesn’t it? Smells of magic, so it must be him. Not the Lady of the Lake — she doesn’t care about the king and all. What do you think he’s up to?”

“Merlin? It’s a trick. Don’t you think we should all go take shelter at the abbey? Or maybe find some king out west who is still alive and beg to work for him?”

“As if the nuns will do a better job of protecting us than our knights. And life is hard enough here without being a refugee begging for food.”

“Then don’t you think we should just up and move to Brittany or something? Will the knights escort us there? Isn’t it Idres, and isn’t he a powerful king?”

“Listen, darling, no one wants you but us. We’ve got important business here. Do you know how to put out a fire? Are you ready to lug rocks for the walls? You can run away if you want. But if you are staying here, you’d better be ready to work like a giantess to save your life.”

Ulfius makes his voice heard

“We need a king. A legitimate one, not that nonsense about the sword. The Collegium is going to meet at Silchester. The candidates are coming from all across Britain. I have recovered from my wounds.”

Countess Ellen speaks

“Prince Aescwine is the son of the King of Essex. He is here to discuss peace and tribute. He says that if we pay tribute to him now, he will guarantee peace for us and protection from any enemy who invades. He wants 100 cattle and 100 pounds of silver. He stresses that he does not demand our vassalage, though such an expression of loyalty would require less tribute and get us even more privileges. ”

Brastias speaks

“In London, at Saint Paul’s, there is a sword struck through an anvil and a stone that miraculously appeared in the courtyard. It has writing on it that says, ‘Only the king will pull me out,’ or something like that. It didn’t budge for me!

“Saxons everywhere are moving. They are in small groups, so we ought to fight them. The King of Malahaut sends word that Pict scouts are being seen all across the north. Merchants say that Irish ships are massing in the west, the Saxons are already on the march in the east, and that bastard Idres from Brittany is going to attack from the south.”

Current Fashion and trends

Men’s fashion in 495:

Clothes: There is no fashion, only anarchy.


Women’s fashion in 495:

Clothes: There is no fashion, only anarchy.


Rumours at court

Saxons everywhere!

Idres threatens from the south.

The Sheriff has locked himself in his tower. He is not taking any visitors and throws out all claims of justice with a simple “There is no law. Only Robyn’s-throat.”

There is trouble in Vagon Castle.

Bandits have taken camp in Woodhouse.

Raiders plundered large parts of Hillfarm this winter.

Hundreds died in Salisbury in the raids from Saxons.

Lady Ellen is busy trying to tend to the county’s defences.

Duke Ulfius has closed his borders.

The Port in Hantonne is lost, there is no connection to the sea.

Summerland is back to their old unwelcome self, travellers beware.

Trouble in Jagent.

War in Duke Eldol’s old lands.

Irish raiders threatens Escavalon.

Intrigues at court

[Intrigue 5+] A strange sword has appeared stuck in an anvil on top of a stone in the middle of London, just outside St Paul’s. Hundreds of people has tried to pull it, but it budges for no man.

[Intrigue 10+] Lady Ellen is distraught at the loss of her husband. She is desperately looking for advice. Lord Amig stays by her side at all times. There is no marshal in the county.

[Intrigue 10+] Maid Jenna is often found crying in her chambers by servants. She tells them she is afraid that she has to marry Sir Blains now.

[Intrigue 12+] Rodericks son Robert hasn’t really understood what’s going on.

[Intrigue 14+] The leaves of the old Oak in Tisseberrie has turned red.

[Intrigue 15+] Rumours of dead walking in graveyards.

[Intrigue 18+] GM

Rumours 495

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