Rumours 494

There is no much court to speak of. The King is ill and his lords refuse to arrange anything spectacular. But the most important things need to be handled. Easter court is to be held in Sarum, many of the great Lords gather to make certain that the land is safe and sound.

Conversations at the court

Women gossip by the fire

“Don’t you think that we should go away now, before it is too late?”

“The king is here with all the knights of Logres. We are safe.”

“But how do you think Uther will fight, sick as he is? The men seem uneasy with it.”

“Do you think we have enough supplies set aside, in case we have to run for it?”

“Well, I’ll say that I’m going to spend the night with that new squire if we’re that close to dying.”

“Listen, darlings, Uther may be ill, but it isn’t over yet.”

“Don’t you think we ought to sleep in the stables, ready to get out of here, in case the Saxons get here? I’d go to my cousin’s now, but I think we’ll get earlier warning here if we have to run…”

Ulfius makes his voice heard

“The Saxons wintered at Eburacum and have begun moving south. We are going to get them.”

Count Roderick speaks

“That northern army will be a great loss, but Logres has fought without allies before. If Octa and Eosa enter Salisbury, the knights are all to bring their herds and families to Sarum, or to their local castle.”

Brastias speaks

“They’re just Saxons, men. We have beaten them before; we will beat them again. They may be clever, but they are not even honourable enough to ride horses!”

Royal Conversation

None. The king remains ill.

Current Fashion and trends

Men’s fashion in 494:

Clothes: The king is sick. There is no real fashion to talk about.
There are no popular colors this year.

Hairstyle: Practical, it doesn’t really matter.
No hair-color is more popular than any other.

Women’s fashion in 494:

Clothes: The queens fashion remains, long dresses and head covers are fashion.
The most popular colors this year is grey.

Hairstyle: Keep the hair covered.
Currently, white hair is popular.

Rumours at court

The Saxon are gather a huge army, they say Octa and Eosa is out for blood. With Uther sick, many Lords in the country has become worried.

Duke Eldol the Ancient has died of old age in the end. They say he clutched the priest trying to anoint him and threw him into a fireplace. “I’ll make my own path into your heaven…” and died. His descendants are already preparing for war of succession.

The Ravens of the clock-tower in Sarum have been circling it all winter.

A large fire almost spread through London this spring, it was stopped just in time. An escaped thief started it to get away.

Intrigues at court

[Intrigue 8+] Maid Jenna is growing up fast, there is some talk of future husbands. Even Sir Blains has been courting… with very little success. What did he think was going to happen?

[Intrigue 10+] Nineve, a lady of the lake, is present to tend to the king.

[Intrigue 12+] The King seduced a young Lady called Dyagenne, persumable since Ygraine is rejecting him. The Lady’s husband, the great Constable Sir Argan ap Maelgad, defeated Uther in a duel! He ransomed the King’s life for a castle. He’s calling it “Uther’s shame”.

[Intrigue 15+] Nineve keeps knights from announcing the news about the Saxons to the king.

Rumours 494

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