Rumours 493

Rumours about the kidnapped baby and Merlins treachery is the main talking point at court as well as the king and the queens marriage. Margawse and Elaine is of in the North with their new husbands, and many wonder what that will lead to as well.

Rodericks envoy to Malahaut did not go all well. The King of Malahaut was willing to help Logres, but his terms were not good. Rumours has it that the King of Malahaut even let Count Roderick wait while he negotiated with other envoys from northern kings, even saxons, and not let him in on the negotiations. In the end the Count returned home in frustration.

The Count was attacked by saxons on his way back from the northern courts, Lord Amig was seriously wounded as he took an saxon arrow for his Lord, but is expected to survive.

Good news? Count Roderick of Salisbury had a son late in the winter of 492, he has been kept safe until now, when he was presented at christmas court in 493.

Conversations at the court

Women gossip by the fire

“Well, weddings and births should be the things that make the world better. But instead we get kidnapping and treachery.”

“Treachery from that filthy pagan! I warned you all! I have never trusted that monster. The devil is his father! How can you forget that?”

“The queen is distraught to the extreme.”

“Her baby is gone! Of course she would be! Poor woman!”

“Poor kingdom, I say. This is bad luck all around. I think Merlin is working with the Saxons. They’re pagans too, aren’t they?”

Ulfius makes his voice heard

“The king says we should seek alliances with the other Great Kings, there is wisdom in such acts. We need to have a unified front against the invaders. And now Octa and Eosa has escaped though the incompetence of younger fools. They are marching with thier armies in the north as we speak.”

Count Roderick speaks

“I am worried. Our King is ill and his condition has affected the entire land of Logres. What is worse, Octa and Eosa has managed to escape from London! Whate kind of land will my newborn son grow up in?”

Brastias speaks

“The king is still ill and cannot see anyone.”

Royal Conversation

None. The king is too ill to say much of anything to anyone, even his closest advisors.

Current Fashion and trends

Men’s fashion in 493:

Clothes: War is no longer fashion. Men dress in long tunics.
The most popular colors this year is blue.

Hairstyle: The king is getting older, some men shave their head to imitate.
Currently, no hair is popular.

Women’s fashion in 493:

Clothes: Women scramble to find fashion that they can imitate, Igraine is the ideal.
The most popular colors this year is grey.

Hairstyle: Women imitate the queen and her daughters.
Currently, white hair is popular.

Rumours at court

Count Roderick of Salisbury as gotten a son, finally an heir to the county! He is named Robert!

King Canan is the ruler of a powerful confederation of Irish tribes in southern Gales. He can muster a large army and is secure on his throne: He conquered all his neighbors, and they have been obedient since being beaten.

Intrigues at court

[Intrigue 5+] Duke Eldol has finally begun to succumb to his old age, although he is not gone yet. WIth his sons long dead his grandson Heli, and his great grandson Chaleins are rumoured to prepare for a fight for the inheritance.

[Intrigue 15+] No one has seen Merlin since he ran of into the forest.

[Intrigue 16+] Some whisper that they have heard the king moaning for Merlin to help him, but the queen turns into a viper when she hears that name.

Rumours 493

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