Rumours 492

Trouble all over Logres, as the king lies ill and refuses any audiences. The court tries to keep a semblance of order, but it’s getting harder and harder.

Conversations at the court

Women gossip by the fire

“Maybe war isn’t so bad if it’s over there, in other peoples’ lands. Look at the gifts everyone got last Christmas time!”

“That is un-Christian, and shortsighted as well. Didn’t your own cousin lose a son in that war? And what of those widows over in the Franks’ lands now, crying all winter.”

“We have spent our share of time shivering in the winter and crying over the dead. It’s time we got some back, that’s what I say.”

Ulfius makes his voice heard

“King Claudas of the Franks won a great battle last year against the Alemanni, his greatest opponents. He promised his wife and his bishop that he would become Christian if he won, and now they are pressing to hold him to that promise.”

Count Roderick speaks

“The King has ordered me to travel to Malahaut and negotiate a alliance with Logres.”

Brastias speaks

“King Pellinore has apparently abandoned his kingdom to pursue some fantastic creature he encountered. It is as if he is under the spell of magic.”

Royal Conversation

None. The king is too ill to say much of anything to anyone, even his closest advisors.

Current Fashion and trends

Men’s fashion in 492:

Clothes: War is no longer fashion. Men dress in long tunics.
The most popular colors this year is blue.

Hairstyle: The king is getting older, some men shave their head to imitate.
Currently, no hair is popular.

Women’s fashion in 492:

Clothes: Women scramble to find fashion that they can imitate, Igraine is the ideal.
The most popular colors this year is grey.

Hairstyle: Women imitate the queen and her daughters.
Currently, white hair is popular.

Rumours at court

A great warlord in southern Gales is gathering power.

Many knights were ensorcelled by Merlin last year, some were innocent and walked free. But a few acted of their own accord, they have been punished.

Merlin kidnapped a child from the royal household!

Terrible weather, all over the kingdom.

Intrigues at court

[Intrigue 5+] A knight tried to kill himself last year, in front of the queen too!

[Intrigue 15+] The king is actually quite distressed at the death of his son Madoc and, now, at the subsequent disappearance of the unnamed infant.

[Intrigue 16+] The queen is more distressed about her loss than the gossips credit her with.

Rumours 492

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