Rumours 491

The court is chitter chattering with hundreds of rumours and intrigues as the King’s sudden marriage takes almost the entirety if Britain by surprise. The new queen makes an appearance at winter court, but keeps mostly to herself. Some say they hear weeping from the towers of the castle.

Conversations at the court

Women gossip by the fire

“That duchess is the canniest woman around. Her husband’s not a month in the grave and she marries the king! Fortunate and canny, I say.”

“First, remember she’s the queen now, honey — but let’s not forget that it was the king who made that decision. I tell you, he’s had eyes for her for a long time.”

“Don’t you think it is frightening that she said her husband visited her that night, though? The night he was killed? It makes my hair stand up to think of it. I tell you, it’s Merlin’s doing!”

“Listen, darlings, there is many a strange thing around that demon. I would never trust him.”

“Well, I’ll say it’s a shame about the king’s son, though. That handsome, strong man gone now! No wonder the king married so quickly! He has an heir to make! And a legitimate one this time!”

“Listen, darlings, I’ll tell you something I have heard — there is a lady out in the Forest Sauvage somewhere who has a son of Madoc’s! Yes! True! Just a tyke, but they say you know him from the bushy brows he already has.”

“Don’t you think someone ought to find the boy? That sounds dangerous!”

Prince Madoc speaks his mind

On a quandrangular grave in Stonehenge, with its four stones around the front is written:
“The grave of Madawg the intrepid warrior.”

Ulfius makes his voice heard

“The most powerful lords of the north will be here as guests.”

Count Roderick speaks

“Heroes of Terrabil, bring your best clothes. The King has summoned us to another wedding in Tintagel this Easter.”

Brastias speaks

“The queen is pregnant and due to give birth this summer. Let us all pray that it is a boy so the line of the Pendragon will continue. The queen is in Tintagel (where she grew up) to have the birth, and the king is staying with her.”

Royal Conversation

“Perhaps it is time to slow down for a little while, to let the land and the people have peace. War is not everything, and it is a time for families. I have sent for great men to marry my step-daughters, and this will forward the cause of peace and love.”

Current Fashion and trends

Men’s fashion in 491:

Clothes: War is no longer fashion, the King is happy. Men dress in long tunics.
The most popular colors this year is blue.

Hairstyle: The king is getting older, some men shave their head to imitate.
Currently, no hair is popular.

Women’s fashion in 491:

Clothes: Women tries to imitate the incredible dresses the king lavishes his new wife with.
The most popular colors this year is blue.

Hairstyle: Women imitate the queen and her daughters.
Currently, white hair is popular.

Rumours at court
  • The queen is pregnant.
  • King Nanteleod of Estregales is visiting Tintagel this year.
  • The northern kings is visiting Tintagel this year again.
  • Sir Brastias is the best swordsman in Logres.
  • The King is happy.
  • The Queen is happy.
  • Swallowcliffe in Salisbury had some trouble this winter, the house almost fell over.
Intrigues at court

[Intrigue 5+] The King is happy.

[Intrigue 10+] The queen is not happy.

[Intrigue 10+] The servants of Chillmark are very quiet, something is going on there.

[Intrigue 15+] The servants of Chillmark… (as GM).

[Intrigue 13+] King Uther is going to marry the two older girls to northern kings, whose alliance he wants to secure. Rumor has it that the two men are King Lot himself, the most powerful king of the north, and Nentres of Garloth, his right-hand man.

[Intrigue 15+] Merlin was tired this winter.

[Intrigue 18+] (ask GM)

Rumours 491

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