Rumours 490

The court is ablaze after the betrayal breach of hospitality at winter court. The king is furious and there is talk of revenge and blood. No one dears speak up at court, if it is not a plan to clear the King’s good name.

The winter is cold and the early snowstorm catches Britain by complete surprise. Almost all knights and lords stick to their manors and castles the entire winter.

Conversations at the court

Women gossip by the fire

“That duke! He deserves only the worst.”

“Can you believe the arrogance of Cornwall? How dare he insult our good and victorious king? And I thought there would be peace.”

“Don’t you think this is just more bad news, though? The king fighting the dukes? Who will be next, Lindsey?”

Prince Madoc speaks his mind

“We are going to war. I take personal insult to what was done to my father, and swear to put that self-righteous ass back where he belongs, in the gutter. That damned Cornwall will finally get what he deserves! Bring your troops to Sarum.”

Ulfius makes his voice heard

“There are rumours that old King Hengist of Kent walks again. Nothing but whispers in the night. His son, Aesc, killed the rumours quickly I heard.”

Count Roderick speaks

“More Saxons in the south! I am leaving all my foot soldiers home to garrison my castles. I will comply with the muster with only my knights.”

Brastias speaks

“Another fleet of Saxons has landed in the south. Are their dead just rising up to fall upon us once again?! I swear upon the sacred bones of my mother and of Saint George to attack them this summer.”

Royal Conversation

“I have been insulted deeply, and for no good reason. The Duke of Cornwall has broken his word and violated our hospitality. His sudden flight from our court proves he is guilty; no other information need be sought. Worse, though, his people slew some servants and made a witch made a knight insane with a spell in their escape, and they stole treasure and horses when they fled. Gorlois is guilty.”

“Disloyalty and dishonor are not welcome in this kingdom. It is the obligation of every noble to serve with distinction and to uphold noblesse oblige. Anyone who disobeys these laws is a traitor.”

“Gorlois is a traitor.”

Current Fashion and trends

Men’s fashion in 490:

Clothes: War remains fashion. Most knights wear heavy tunics and bring their battle-hoses to the table.
The most popular colors this year is practical grey and brown.

Hairstyle: A long thick braid on the side, old-school. Inspired by cymric war heroes.
Currently, brown hair is popular.

Women’s fashion in 490:

Clothes: No women dear wear white this year, since what happened during winter court. Most women revert to fashion from last year.
The most popular colors this year is black.

Hairstyle: Hair cut short.
Currently, blonde hair is popular.

Rumours at court

Sir Melkin came back this summer, after almost two years in Brittany at King Idres court. He brought two knights with him as well, they brought families and children as well.

A thief was hung in Hillfort this year, after having killed cows in one of the Lord’s lands. Some say the farmer came from another hundred, and that might cause trouble.

Sir Leo and Sir Cadry made peace this winter. Strange.

A goose lays golden eggs in Swallowcliffe.

Intrigues at court

[Intrigue 5+] One of the knights who returned from Brittany with Sir Melkin is the lost son of Sir Swallowcliffe. He has reclaimed his rightful manor.

[Intrigue 10+] The servants in Chillmark acted really strange after the winter wedding last year. There were rumours that the Lord’s new wife was sickly, but it seems she gave birth to two healthy twins. She can’t have been sickly after all.

[Intrigue 12+] Sir Brastias refused to leave with the Cornwall court this winter, they even say he tried to stop them.

[Intrigue 15+] The duke and his wife fled from Uther’s court because the king made unwholesome advances upon Lady Ygraine. The king is half-mad for the duke’s wife. This is not about rebellion at all, just lust.

[Intrigue 16+] Even Prince Madoc has argued with his father about priorities and proprieties.

Rumours 490

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