Rumours 487

During the winter of 487 the court is ablaze by the presentation of Excalibur. Even though many remember the events and some even remember the knights that supposedly helped Merlin fetch the sword, most talk about Uther, and the sword itself.

Conversations at the court

Women gossip by the fire

“But I must say, it worries me! Attacking the Franks! Don’t you think it is foolish, I say, and terribly dangerous?! King Claudas has never lost a battle! What if the Franks start invading us too, like the Saxons?”

“Wonderful, I say, to help King Syagrius! And by God, the cause is so just! Good for him.”

“The king is attacking the Franks! Well, I’ll say I guess we will see some plunder next year! I hope my husband brings me some of that French ribbon!”

“That’s what it looks like, but can the king be attacking Cornwall! That duke has insulted him by ignoring the summons too often. There can’t be that many Irish raiding his coast!”

“Listen, darlings, the king is just training the new knights with this attack, because there is a new Saxon army pillaging up north. He’ll need veterans next year.”

Prince Madoc speaks his mind

The king has ordered the army to muster. One half of all knights and one half of all foot troops are to assemble at the ports of Hantonne and Chichester with provisions for a 40-day campaign. They will accompany me to France. King Uther, with pressing business of the realm here, will keep the other half of the army in Britain. Brave men come with me, strong men stay home and protect the land… and cowards go of on their own adventures. ”

Duke Ulfius rambles on

“Prince Madoc and I will lead the army to France. King Uther, with pressing business of the realm here, will remain with half the mustered troops.”

Count Roderick speaks

“The King has visited our lands several times the last years. And last year he even chose to hold one of the greatest feast in history in our halls. Salisbury is truly a great county, and we should be proud to live here. Sarum is the last outpost of the Belgae tribe, birth-place of Sarum herself and where from my family has ruled for many generations. Even Salis himself is buried but a mile from here. Be proud brothers.”

Royal Conversation

“For the sake of God and my good friend King
Syagrius, we will return to the continent and destroy everything that gets in our path. It is a time for all good knights to come to the aid of their king and country!”

Current Fashion and trends

Men’s fashion in 487:

480_hair.pngClothes: Roman fashion is having a rerun, so much talk of King Syagrius has left it’s mark.
The most popular color this year is white.

Hairstyle: Long hair.
Currently, black hair is popular.

Women’s fashion in 487:

HairClothes: White thin dresses, roman style.
The most popular colors this year is white and blue.

Hairstyle: Straight, roman style..
Currently, white hair is popular.

Whispers at court
  • The Sword of Victory, Excalibur they call it, has been seen in Uther’s hand. He truly is the rightful High King!
  • Someone is erh… sneaking in and making love to the cows at TIsbury… haven’t seen that since the romans left.
  • A beautiful young maiden is being kept locked away in Sarum. Who is she?
  • [Intrigue: 7+] The Sword of what-a-something? Who cares? Swords don’t make kings. Kings make swords.
  • [Intrigue: 8+] Someone gave a gift of severed heads at a feast in Salisbury, they say it’s Sir Cadry. Those wildlings never learned the courtly ways.
  • [Intrigue: 10+] A swordmaiden has been seen roaming the roads near Jagent, she looks like Sir Gamonds lover. She had man by her side.
  • [Intrigue: 12+] “Did you see the eyes of our Lord at the feast? When he saw the sword they almost… glimmered! I swear, he look like I’ve never seen him before.”
  • [Intrigue: 15+] Ask GM

Rumours 487

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