Rumours 485

During the winter of 485, most people talk about the ongoing war with the Saxons. Once again they have used their cunning to defeat the Britons. Caercolun, the richest land in Britain, has fallen to the Saxons. And the young Duke of the land has been unable to hold it.

The mood at the Christmas court is gloomy — one Saxon victory in Caercolun and one standoff in Suth Seaxe do not add up to good cheer. The king is absolutely foul, holding many secret conferences with his barons, and afterwards they are also in an ill mood.

Conversations at the court

Women gossip by the fire

“But isn’t it terrible about Maldon and Camulodunum!? My ma has three cousins living with her now! Those horrible savages! Oh, it’s the end of Britain, I say. I am praying every day that King Uther strikes every one of them dead!”
“Listen, darlings, it’s everywhere. My last lover, that monk, told me that the vile Franks are even worse! They’ve overrun the several Roman outpost in Gaul. The barbarians are everywhere.”
“And who can be surprised? Since the Great City of Rome fell, everything there has been dismal. Maybe it’s the end of the world.”
“But aren’t you afraid that they’re coming here? Those savages are probably marching here right now!”
“We have nothing to worry about. When I was in the king’s chambers I saw that Merlin is back. The kitchen had his usual plate of food out there. He’s looking a little wan and tired, older even…”
“Well I’ll say you would, too, if you had to sleep for six months without eating! Like a bloody bear, he is!”

Prince Madoc speaks his mind

It’s time for revenge. I’m going to take a force and harry those Saxons around Camulodunum. Most of them are scattered in bands now, and we should be able to kill a lot of them before they even know we’re there. I’ll be leading knights to go raiding.”

Count Roderick speaks

Count Roderick is pensive; he urges his new knights to practice hard at the arts of war. “This is no time for poetry,” he says.

Royal Conversation

“The notable and infamous barbarian King Claudas of the Franks has invaded Soissons, the last Roman outpost in Western Europe. Let us hope our Royal brother manages to deal with it. ”

Current Fashion and trends

Men’s fashion in 484-485:

480_hair.pngClothes: The length of tunics are becoming ridiculous.
The most popular color this year is blue and gold.

Hairstyle: Long braided hair.
Currently, red hair is popular.

Women’s fashion in 484-485:

HairClothes: Long straight dresses, thin embroidery along the edges.
The most popular colors this year is white and gold.

Hairstyle: Braided and her let out.
Currently, dark hair is popular.

Whispers at court
  • The Count of Salisburys daughter is growing up fast, she is already mumbling her first words. Too bad intelligence really isn’t a trait needed in good women in these times.
  • Crows has taken to living in the unfinished tower of the Roman Cathedral.
  • There was a large family dispute in Ludwell last year. It’s said that the Lord of the manor threatened to throw his entire family to the wolves. He must’ve come to his sense, because they are still there. But who would say such a thing to his own mother?
  • Hantonne was raided this year.
  • Caercolun was plundered this year, many were killed and enslaved.
  • [Intrigue: 5+] Count Roderick flogged a monk this winter.
  • [Intrigue: 10+] Count Roderick is dark and brooding after the losses they seem to be suffering. He has shared many secrets with the other Barons, but refuses to talk to his advisors about the coming battle-plans.
  • [Intrigue: 12+] A strange cat is killing all the rats in Swallowcliffe.
  • [Intrigue: 15+] Ask GM

Rumours 485

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