Rumours 484

During the winter of 484, many curious rumours seep through the regular talks of war and saxon. Obviously, the big talk of the year is the war in the north and the Saxon uprising. A great victory is won over the northern Saxons, and an alliance with Malahaut is secured, albeit with a great cost. The King and his barons are seeking qualified men to be raised to knighthood to replenish the army.

Conversations at the court

Women gossip by the fire

“It’s so terrible! I heard that a thousand Saxons landed to reinforce King Aesc! He’s the devil’s son, that’s for sure.”
“I’ll trust Prince Madoc to take care of us. He’s handsome enough, and he talks boldly enough. But the truth will depend on how he fares in battle, of course.”
“Well, I’ll say it’s too bad he is illegitimate. No bastard will automatically inherit. It’ll be difficult, you can be sure, unless his glory is truly great when the old king dies.”
“Listen, darlings, it’ll take something monstrous to get rid of tough King Uther. Madoc will have to be waiting a long time for any inheritance!”
“But don’t you think it’s bad luck to talk that way?”
“Say, did you know that Merlin has gone away?”
“Well, he comes and goes at his will.”
“Yes, but he is gone again, and at such a time…”

Prince Madoc speaks his mind

“Spies say another Saxon army has landed in the east! Is there no end to these devils? His name is Æscwine, but we don’t know his plans. The king has ordered Duke Lucius of Caercolun to be ready. But our army isn’t going to be distracted. We’re going to attack King Ælle, as we’ve planned, even though certain of our cowardly vassals are not reporting. Disloyal bastards, that’s what they are! Caercolun won’t be there, but that’s at the king’s orders. But that Cornwall — he’s the worst of the lot!”

Duke Ulfius speaks his mind

“We must learn from these mistakes we make, we cannot let the Saxons teach us again again the lesson of Robyn’s-throat. We’ll be ready, it may take us some time to adapt. But by God the Saxons will taste our vengance.”

Count Roderick speaks

“Are your squires qualified to be knighted next year? Or a cousin, perhaps? I didn’t ask for their ages, I asked if they are qualified! Now is the time for all men who would be knights to step forward.”

Royal Conversation

“We are going to attack the Saxons under King Ælle. We will march out as soon as the roads are clear, with whatever troops have mustered. We do not need those errant nobles. No doubt they too are under attack from the Saxons, who must have emptied their lands to all come over here.”

Current Fashion and trends

Men’s fashion in 484:

480_hair.pngClothes: The length of tunics are becoming ridiculous.
The most popular color this year is blue and gold.

Hairstyle: Long braided hair.
Currently, red hair is popular.

Women’s fashion in 484:

HairClothes: Long straight dresses, thin embroidery along the edges.
The most popular colors this year is white and gold.

Hairstyle: Braided and her let out.
Currently, dark hair is popular.

Whispers at court
  • The Count of Salisbury had a child in the winter night! A young girl named Jenna. The Count claims she is a blessing, even though she is a woman. For she has her grandmothers eyes.
  • Chillmark get’s chilly at night, they say the Knight who resides there takes the company of his soldiers to keep warm.
  • The famours bandits of Salisbury keeps raiding villages, the count is to busy with war to deal with it.
  • Count Roderick has decided to forgive his returned Marshall and return him to duty, but only if he agrees to get married to a woman of the Counts choice within the year.
  • Tisbury married a common-girl, the pagan’s watched it all happen too…
  • Lord Elad is missing an eye and is speaking with a cleft tounge.
  • Merlin is missing again…
  • The young woman who fell out of a window last year in Cornwall was said to be screaming the name of Duchess Igraine as she fell.
  • [Intrigue: 10+] Count Roderick laid his wife more than twenty times this winter, he really wanted to make sure it stuck.
  • [Intrigue: 12+] Wine goes missing the the wine-cellar of count Roderick at night.
  • [Intrigue: 15+] Ask GM

Rumours 484

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