Rumours 483

During the winter of 483,

Conversations at the court

Women gossip by the fire

“The foreigner is surely coming to ask for help! He has no need to inform our king of another Saxon invasion.”
“Oh dear, that means more war. I hope King Uther sends them away promptly.”
“Oh dear one, do you really think that is possible? King Uther is probably girding his sword right now.”
“I hope Merlin is around then. Merlin will make everything well for us.”
“Really? I had no idea you were such a pagan lover!”
“I’m not, and he isn’t. Everyone knows he was baptized at birth.”
“Well, I don’t care what he is. My father says that Merlin can do anything.”
“We may just see if that is true this summer.”

Prince Madoc speaks his mind

“Finally, a war against the Saxons! Let each man prove his mettle, or be known a coward forever more!”

Duke Ulfius speaks his mind

“Saxons of the North are rebelling! They are marching on Malahaut, and no doubt afterwards into Logres, unless they are stopped!”

Count Roderick speaks

“The peasants of Westfort and Wheelwell hundreds are still looking at King Cadwy as their rightful lord for the Forest swainmote. They will learn better.”

Royal Conversation

“Our Royal Brother, the King of Malahaut, has requested Our help against the Saxons. The full might of Logres will muster at Linden Pool.”

Current Fashion and trends

Men’s fashion in 483:

480_hair.pngClothes: The length of tunics are becoming ridiculous.
The most popular color this year is blue and gold.

Hairstyle: Long braided hair.
Currently, red hair is popular.

Women’s fashion in 483:

HairClothes: Long straight dresses, thin embroidery along the edges.
The most popular colors this year is white and gold.

Hairstyle: Braided and her let out.
Currently, dark hair is popular.

Whispers at court
  • There are rumours that Gamond ap Edern is riding the devil, or at least his barbarian courtesan.
  • There is a pack of bandits hiding in several forests in Salisbury, they have defeated several young knights and patrols. The peasants are getting nervous.
  • Count Roderick was furious during his marriage, and threw out Sir Blains, calling him a murderer and an assassin.
  • Merlin was sighted in the forest of Salisbury last year.
  • A young woman fell out the window in a castle in Terrabil last year.
  • [Intrigue: 5+] A redhead farmer girl spent the winter in Tisbury.
  • [Intrigue: 10+] Count Roderick has not yet consummated his marriage.
  • [Intrigue: 12+] Duke Corneus of Linden Pool was suggesting that it would be better to let Malahaut and the Saxons fight each other first, then march in to conquer whichever of them is still standing. However, he was overruled
    by the King.
  • [Intrigue: 15+] Ask GM

Rumours 483

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