Rumours 482

During the winter of 482, most of the talk in Logres if of Uther’s conquests. Last year, he took Bedegraine, and this year he took Summerland. Even though both were former allies of his brother. King Uther celebrates another great victory. The Saxons are quiet [no doubt afraid of the formidable king!] and the kingdom is prospering under his firm hand.

Conversations at the court

Women gossip by the fire

“Oh my, have you been watching that strumpet Rhianneth making passes at Prince Madoc? “
“I hear her perfume seduces anyone. It was made by a witch.”
“Well, she will have plenty of competition. It looks like half the ladies who were trying to bed the king have changed their targets now to the prince.”
“Yes, and who would have thought the baroness would push her way to the front of the king’s line of seducers?”
“No, she would never do that, she has dignity!”
“Ha ha, even she would sell her dignity is she could save £1000 libra to buy her desire for Lucius’ lands.”
“Ah, Lucius. Poor lad, losing his mother at childbirth and his father in combat. He is fortunate to have such a strong aunt to care for him.”
“Poor? When he acquires his holdings he will be the wealthiest man in the kingdom!”

Duke Ulfius speaks his mind

“The Saxons are quiet—too quiet!. They are
plotting something, mark my words.”

Count Roderick speaks

“Summerland silver is flowing to the markets once more, and the western hundreds of Salisbury have been added to our lands, all thanks to the King.”

“King Uther has decided that he will proclaim whom is to marry his ward next year, it’s time for me to make a decision. Should I pursue Maid Ellen or go for one of the other girls?”

Royal Conversation

“Our Kingdom of Logres is at peace, but there are still those who would deny Our rightful inheritance of the High Kingship…”

Current Fashion and trends

Men’s fashion in 482:

480_hair.pngClothes: Long tunics are still common, latest fashion is wide brimmed embroidery.
The most popular color this year is red.

Hairstyle: Medium hair, uncut let out over the shoulders, and half-long beard.
Currently, dark chestnut hair is popular.

Women’s fashion in 482:

HairClothes: Long and thick dresses in wool, preferably with a lot of embroidery.
The most popular colors this year is red and green.

Hairstyle: Medium-short length hair, braided.
Currently, blonde hair is popular.

Whispers at court
  • A large gathering of men were seen in autumn dragging a huge stone across the plains. Guarded by a knight.
  • A group of bandits have been successful in raiding several outposts in Salisbury this year, avoiding patrols. Some say they are led by a noble!
  • A woman wielding a sword has been seen in the forests around Modron.
  • Lord Elad has disappeared on some personal vendetta!
  • [Intrigue 5+]They say that Count Salisbury is furious with Elad for running of.
  • [Intrigue: 7+] The terms of the trade agreement with Summerland look identical to the one before the invasion, and King Cadwy hasn’t fully accepted the loss of the hundreds.
  • [Intrigue: 12+] King Uther still yearns for the High Kingship, which is not an inherited position, but an elected one.

Rumours 482

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