Rumours 481

During the winter of 481, most talk of King Uther’s conquest of Bedegraine. Not all is known about what happen, but most agree that it was not Just, but that to question the new King is not wise.

In Salisbury, the great Feast for the three young girls that visited while the war was going on in the north is the talk of the year. The consensus at court seems to be that Maid Ellen is the obvious choice, she seems to care for her people, listen to all and is careful before she speaks. Maid Rosalyn has been a prime candidate as well, especially many knights like that she seems generous. Maid Llylla, beautiful as she is, seems less like an obvious candidate since many dislike her cruelty.

Conversations at the court

Women gossip by the fire

“See, I told you.”
“Yes, you were right about his being a strong and competent fighter.”
“Not that — about the swiving. Half of the laundresses are pregnant now, and he’s had a new batch of pretty young things brought in to replace them. You better watch out for yourself little one!”
“Really? My father…”
“Stop harassing the poor thing, you witch! You’re just jealous that he’s not looking your way.”
“No jealousy here! I’m keeping my eye on the king’s handsome son!”
“Ha! Dream on. You’re half again his age. If he takes anyone it will be some pretty young thing — like his father does.”

Duke Ulfius speaks his mind

“We are to conquer Summerland, next. Their King is a magician, but we have one of our own! Where is Merlin, by the way?”

Count Roderick speaks

“My mother is right, it is time for me to get married. It is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly. I call all my friends and advisors to tell me their side of it, and I will listen.”

Royal Conversation

“The King of Summerland has rejected Our reasonable
proposals to sell us his metal. The army will muster at the Castle of the Rock, with each of Our loyal vassals bringing a third of his knights with him.”

Current Fashion and trends

Men’s fashion in 482:

480_hair.pngClothes: Long tunics are still common, latest fashion is wide brimmed embroidery.
The most popular color this year is red.

Hairstyle: Medium hair, uncut let out over the shoulders, and half-long beard.
Currently, dark chestnut hair is popular.

Women’s fashion in 482:

HairClothes: Long and thick dresses in wool, preferably with a lot of embroidery.
The most popular colors this year is red and green.

Hairstyle: Medium-short length hair, braided.
Currently, blonde hair is popular.

Whispers at court
  • King Uther killed the King of Bedegraine in personal combat!
  • Sir Julien has been installed as the Count of Bedegraine, and the Kingdom of Bedegraine has been dissolved. Bedegraine is now a county in Logres.
  • [Intrigue 15+]The tribute that Bedegraine paid to Aurelius Ambrosius was his due as the High King, and Bedegraine refuses on the grounds that Uther is not the High King. Some barons are expressing unease at the way that Uther is using force of arms to compel unjustified ends.
  • [Intrigue 18+]King Uther knows something… [Ask GM]
  • [Intrigue 10+] Several lords, including Salisbury, are pressing ancient land claims against the King of Summerland.
  • [Intrigue 5+] Merlin has left the court, no doubt on some important quest for the King.
  • [Intrigue 12+] Merlin has left the court, no doubt on some important quest for the King.

Rumours 481

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