Rumours 462


“Have you seen my husband?”

“No my dear, you can’t expect me to keep track of both YOUR man and MINE.”

“Stop being funny sister… I haven’t seen him amongst those that returned!”

“Oh… but they are all here!”

“But… that means… "

“Oh dear… Peace they say… Poppycock I say…”


“I, High King Vortigern of the Gewessi, hereby call for this madness to end! How are we to defend these islands against invaders, when we cannot keep the blood of our brothers in the veins. I have talked to my allies from the continent, and we shall meet together at a great Feast for Peace. I am prepared to seed more rights to the common lords, as this is what you have told me you have yearned for. No longer will we rule like the Romans did, like emperor and slaves, but as king and subjects. Hengist has already agreed, to keep his men in Kent, and seek his fortune in other lands. Fear not my friends, I come in peace. I will bring no army, and we have agreed to meet in the holy circle of Stonehenge, which has long been a symbol for peace in our lands. Gods be with you.”


“I hope you bring ale, wine, meat and women! Old friends are the last to break away.”


  • The strange dark-haired Lady has been seen sneaking in and out at court in Sorviodunum!
  • Siegberth the Saxon has died! He was killed in battle by warriors from Salisbury!
  • Amhar Dwarvenbound has fallen in love they say, he seeks the Heartblade.

Rumours 462

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