Rumours 461


A young woman is crying near the fire, another woman approaches.

“I’m sorry my dear… your husband was a good man.”

“He… wasn’t good or bad, he was my husband! And he died from the disastrous cough that have plagued the all the western hundreds…”

“No man can hide from God my dear…”

“And now there is talk of war! Rebellion at that! However will I make it through the winter… and next year. My horrible father is nowhere to stay…”

“What?! Are those naked northerners coming again?!”

“No… It’s rebellion. The prince is calling for rebellion again… and this time Robyn has joined!”

“You are NOT speaking the truth!”

“I am! I overheard the lord speaking to my husband before he left…”

“Oh… dear….”


“By God, rebellion again? Please…. friends, subjects! This is not a way to deal with it! If you have issues with how I rule this land, come to me! We will talk. DO not listen to my treacherous son, it’s the devil that has gone to his head I tell you.”


“My father has gone mad. This is no way to rule a country. It’s sad it has come to this, but I I feel it is my duty to put things right. Our people is leaving the island, to make room for foreigners. I only hope my father will see reason.”


  • The strange dark-haired Lady has been seen sneaking in and out at court in Sorviodunum!
  • A small group of Roman Legionaries was seen marching from Carleon.
  • A group of Saxons, loyal to the King, attacked a group of young warriors in Carleon. The soldiers were slaughtered.
  • Saxon bandits raided the roman camps in Carleon, they were repelled.
  • Strange ships were seen near Southports, curious farmers and locals were chased of or killed.
  • Many lords are gathering their troops, preparing for war.

Rumours 461

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