Rumours 460


“Sister! Have you seen the new guest!? I can’t believe she is dressed like that.”

“What? I wish I had a dress like that.”

“No you don’t sister! You’ll never get a husband like that!”

“Yes I will, and a lost more fun one at that! Like Cadwallon!”

“Sister! Not you too! Look what happened to that young lady in Hillfort… I wonder where she went.”

“Look… the lady is talking to the Lord again. I wonder they talk about.”

“Not for us to ponder about sister… Now, let’s get you away from here, before this thing gets to your head.”


“Traitors! TRAITORS EVERYWHERE! Are you not happy that I am keeping this country safe? I have sacrificed so much for you, and this is how you treat me? Go back into your houses! Pay your taxes! Your oaths mean something! And if anyone sees my lost son, tell him to come home and leave this folly behind!”


  • The strange dark-haired Lady has been seen at court in Sorviodunum!
  • CADWALLON had an affair with a young lady from Hilfort this autumn, her father is furious!
  • Amig and Elad, the young boys. Have been sent to squire for CADWALLON and EDERN
  • VORTIGERN left early this year on his travels around the country. Some say he is trying to muster all support he can.

Rumours 460

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