Rumours 459


“Oh Dearest mine, you must listen to what has happened!”

“Oh, you look almost pale my dear.”

“Do you remember Thryssa, my cousin. Who went of to marry the Lord in Kent?”

“Kent… I can’t believe they call it that now…”

“That’s not important…. she sent a messanger. Apparently they lost the war, and all the lands.”

“Oh my… they joined the rebels?”

“Apparently… they say the Saxon overlords did not treat them well….”

“Well… I’m sure glad my husband serves the Rock, no Saxons will ever claim this land…”

“For certain my dear…. for certain…”


“Terrible business, what my son Vortimer brought upon his followers. I am truly a wise an benevolent King, for I have chosen to pardon the poor men that chose to stay in Kent. If they obey the men set in the land to rule. Those that has chosen to flee my Island, are traitors to the Crown.”


  • The rebel prince VORTIMER’s troops were crushed in Battle of Kent. Some of the rebels chose to swear allegiance to the new Saxon leaders, but many has chosen to flee for the ports and for Brittany.
  • A servant in the ANARAWD household swears by the Lord that she heard the HEART BLADE sing to her last summer. She cut herself on the blade on her finger, and they say it never stops bleeding.
  • There is rumours from the continent, that one of CONSTANS brothers are alive!
  • A dark and beautiful LADY has been spotted in several courts. They say crows follow her where she stays.
  • They say the Supreme Collegium has had a meeting without VORTIGERN, he is probably furious. Be even he cannot do anything against all those lords, can he? He is the High King after all. Nothing will come out of it, I’m sure.
  • Wolves have been seen leaving the forests to hunt in the plains during nights. LORD ROBY OF THE ROCK has sent out warriors to deal with it.

Rumours 459

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