Mount Snowdon

Mount Snowdon

The year of 498 starts of with the Saxon princes from Essex, Essex and Sussex visiting lady Ellen’s court. After a brief talk amongst themselves and the lady sir Cadry, sir Maelgwyn, sir Ennis and sir Padern suggest paying the tribute the princes demand this year as well. During the evening squire Mabsant is knighted by the help of sir Maelgwyn and lady Ellen for his great deeds the year before.

Sir Cadry manages to persuade lady Ellen to take knights to Escavalon to do mercenary duty at king Nanteloen’s court, and also to bring a small group of knights to recollect his uncles remains at Mount Snowden. As of such the five knight start the summer by fighting for king Nanteleon’s cause, and later continuing on north towards Mount Snowden.

They eventually reach Snodownia, and after passing by Gronwers Stone, the stone of The Sun God, they catch sight on the famous castle. Entering the castle turns out to be more complicated than anticipated though. A fog clouds the knights sights and they have to walk very carefully across a narrow bridge. A number of tests present themselves to the four knights with they all make except for sir Mabsant who disappears.

Sir Maelgwyn, sir Cadry, sir Ennis and sir Padern continue on through the castle, up toward the tower. Sir Padern finds sir Mabsant chained the wall in a room along the way and the five knights are once more united. They pass strange rooms along the way but eventually they come across a horrible undead man that launches himself towards them.

Sir Cadry and sir Ennis fight him trying with all their might to re-enter the sword that killed the man through the ribs in his back since he can only be killed the same way as he died. All seems to go south when the undead man grabs sir Ennis by the throat and holds him out through a opening in the tower. As sir Cadry kills his uncle once more, sir Padern and sir Maelgwyn manages to catch sir Ennis, saving him from certain death.

The adventure continues as sir Mabsant runs off towards the top of the tower together with sir Padern. Sir Padern repeats Taliesin’s song about Queen Rowena over and over in his mind as they reach the top. There the queen reappears and orders sir Mabsant to kill sir Padern. It turns out that she has made him his own. Sir Ennis and sir Padern fight Mabsant who, when defeated, regain his senses. Queen Rowena fades with a scream back into the mists, and out knights find out that it was she who killed High King Vortigern, not Merlin as the tales has been saying.

Sir Padern takes the time to search at the bottom of the castle where King Vortigern fell to his death. He comes across a skeleton arm with Vortigern’s sigil ring on it.

As our five knights leave the castle they come across an old man that some of them have met before. Merlin says that he needs their help and invites them to yet another adventure. All but Maelgwyn accepts the offer and follow Merlin to the shore where a ship waits for them.

Mount Snowdon

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