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logres.pngLogres is the kingdom of lowland Britain, encompassing about half of the total area of the island and most of the prime land for farming. It is divided into 25-28 counties, depending upon the time period. The realm was named after the legendary king Locrinus, the oldest son of Brutus of Troy.

It is mostly home to the Cymric culture, and is in the early stages of feudalism.

Map of Logres

In the current year of 499, much of Uther’s Logres has been chipped away by Saxons, Cornwall and infighting.

From the west, Cornwall has taken Tintagel, Ascalon and is continuing his march into the former western parts of Logres.

In the south and east the Saxons of several tribes are taking their opportunity with the lack of British king and are invading several of the border counties. Up north the northern king stems some of the Saxon tide but the northern counties are still having a hard time.

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The old land of Logres is said to be named after Locrinus, first amongst the sons of Brutus himself. When Brutus died, the land was split amongst his son, his oldest son took the land he called Logres, the largest and most fertile land.

When the Romans came they conquered all of the lowlands, and when they departed the local tribes were left in command again. Throughout much of the island the local lords became independent kings, but here they continued to cooperate and maintain some unity. The eastern regions, once ruled by Saxons, reverted to their pagan beliefs.

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