Uther Period

Aurelius Ambrosius rules Britain

The end of Aurelius Ambrosius comes at the hand of his trusted physician. It seems his line is doomed to die by being betrayed.

Aurelius Ambrosius Poisoned


Uther Pendragon rules Britain

After Aurelius Ambrosius was poisoned and killed in battle, his brother Uther takes his place. Mysterious signs appear and a new King of Logres is crowned, but Uther is having trouble claiming the position as High King.

Uther Period















  • The Mountain-men
  • The Adventure of the Embassy to Estragales
    Lord Roderick of Sarum sends his knights in secret to King Canan of the Mountains to gain an alliance.
  • The Death of Innocence
    A hard winter in Chillmark
  • The Crow and the Raven
    Sir Gamond witnesses dark tidings.
  • May it be like a cloak wrapped about him
    Sir Melkin tries to mend the wounds with his wife.
  • Octa and Eosa gathers an army in the north
  • Duke Eldol the Ancient dies of old age, much to the celebration of his grandson and great grandson who begin fighting immediately
  • The Crows in the Sarum cathedral tower begin circling
  • A large fire almost spread through London this spring, it was stopped just in time.
  • Nineve, a lady of the lake, is present to tend to the king, she keeps knights from announcing the news about the Saxons to the king.
  • The King seduced a young Lady called Dyagenne, persumable since Ygraine is rejecting him. The Lady’s husband, the great Constable Sir Argan ap Maelgad, defeated Uther in a duel! He ransomed the King’s life for a castle. He’s calling it “Uther’s shame”.
  • By the Winter Fire 494


  • Daylight’s End
  • The Adventure of the Undead Monster
    A scout in King Uther’s army gets a nasty surprise as he hurries back to share important news.
  • The Battle of St Albans
    King Uther Pendragon leads a great victory in St Albans. Crushing King Octa and King Eosa, personally killing one of them.
  • The Infamous Feast
    King Uther, together with the gathered nobility of Logres, is poisoned by magical powers.
  • A last conversation between brothers
    Sir Cadry spends a few last words with his dead “brother”.
  • Last words
    Sir Gamonds wife opens his letter
  • Bad Blood
    Old friends become enemies as hard times fall upon Salisbury
  • The White Hermit
    An old hermit shares some wise words with the newly knighted Sir Padern
  • [[How did you get here? | How did you get here?]]
    Sir Ennis shares his tale of how he got to know Salisbury
  • A strange sword appears in a stone and an anvil in London
  • King Idres threatens Logres from the south.
  • The Sheriff of Gentian and Salisbury locks himself in his tower. He takes no visitors and throws out all claims of justice with a simple “There is no law. Only Robyn’s-throat.”
  • Trouble in Vagon Castle.
  • Bandits take camp in Woodhouse.
  • Raiders plunders large parts of Hillfarm
  • Hundreds dies in Salisbury in the raids from Saxons
  • Lady Ellen takes control of Salisbury and tends to the county’s defences.
  • Duke Ulfius has closes his borders
  • The Port in Hantonne is lost, there is no connection to the sea
  • Summerland is back to their old unwelcome self, travellers beware
  • There is trouble in Jagent
  • There is war in Duke Eldol’s old lands
  • Irish raiders threatens Escavalon and Estragales
  • The leaves of the old Oak in Tisseberrie turns red
  • Rumours of dead walking in graveyards.
    By the Winter Fire 495

Uther Period

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