Some simple clarifications about the role of bastards in society.

House Rules

So you want to get married?
Suggestion for expanded marriage rules

Creating a new character: Statistics and Traits
A step by step on how to create a character in the campaign.

[[How tall am I, Really? | How tall am I, Really?]]
A fun table to check relative height based on real world heights and variations that increase the more extreme the statistic.

Pugnacious Knights
Rules for the Ideal Knight during the early periods. If a knight follows these ideals, he gains glory and respect, and the respect of the old gods. But he must tread a dangerous path.

Equipment Rules
Rules for how much a knight can carry at any given time. Easy to manage and remember.

Rules for APP
Extended rules for the application of the stat APP.

Rules for Horses
Expanded traits for horses. (needs work)

Rules for Feasts
Rules for making feasts more interesting and immersive.

Rules for religious pagans
Options for dedicating yourself to one of the pagan gods.


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