Sooner or later someone will say something that comes out wrong, sometimes people are intentionally funny and sometimes mishearing is your friend (or not). This is the page for all the silly sayings, wisdom and tomfoolery of both players and game master. Some of the quotes will be in Swedish since they can’t be properly translated.

“Spontaneous royal combustion” – Filip is speculating about the fiery death of former High King Vortigern

“Kan man vaska bönder?” – Johan N är medeltidens stekare

“Jag ska inte våldta din dotter, jag skulle bara volta över henne.”Sewel of DuPlain är egentligen bara missförstådd akrobat och inte som påstått, en våldtäktsman.

“I put some chocolate mints in his helmet” – Squire Maelgwyn ap Ceiwyn really cares for his knights armor when he crits his squire roll to clean said armor.

“We have a funny tradition together which consist of me writing Penis somewhere on his character sheet” -Zekrish explains the dubious pleasure that he doles out to Ashfall

“This was a really bad idea Meliodas” -The GM forgets about one of the most famous knights in Britain for half a fight and when reminded said night jumps up out of the swamp like the first amphibious soldier ever.

“Nothing makes a woman sexier than eight pregnancies in ten years” -Skarpskytten once more proclaims one of his wierd fetishes.

“Omväxlande dråplig och episk” – Johan, on Padern

“This is what you get from “adventures”. You get eaten by flowers!" – Sir Cynyr to Sir Padern


Oath of Crows Skarpskytten