Mad Man in the Gaol

Mad Man in the Gaol

Right after easter, the knight Sir Cynyr bastard of the Anarawd line arrives att Sarum. He reports that Llud’s hall has fallen to the combined forces of Sir Richard and Duke Ulfius. Sir Richard has taken the hall’s treasures and Duke Ulfius has taken the castle into his possession.

The Brown Knight of the Wilds appear in the courtyard and ask for Sir Cadry. The Brown Knight inquire after the way to the Loathly lady and offers to fight to the death in order to obtain the information. Sir Cadry declines but agrees to fight to first blood. The duel is tough, but in the end Sir Cadry prevails and decides to be a gracious winner and tell the way to the Loathly lady anyway.

The knight’s discuss with the countess on how to approach the problem with the seceded Gweir family and the fact that they unlawfully hold Vagon castle. It is decided that Sir Cadry, Sir Ennis, Sir Padern, Sir Cynyr and Sir Cynyn will ride to Vagon and try to negotiate and find out what it would take for the Gweir family to return to the fold.

The knight’s decide to ride to the home of Glessni, the widow of Salisbury former marshal. Arriving they are greeted with harsh words and only by invoking diplomatic powers are they allowed to stay on Gweir lands. They are told to ride to Vagon and speak with Sir Garin. An archer follows behind to make sure they do not deviate from the path.

On the way to Vagon the knights come upon a monk that is trying care for a man that has been killed by some form of undead. The monk is given assistance in burying the deceased.

Staying on the trail the knights are attacked by Barghests that threaten to unman the entire company. Some of the beasts are slain and Sir Cadry even manages to stare one down. The victory comes at a cost though for Sir Cynyn is badly wounded after having been paralyzed by the horrifying stare of the beasts.

Finally arriving at Vagon castle, the knights are greeted with suspicion and scorn. The only way they will be let into the castle is if they leave their weapons behind. Sir Cadry and Sir Ennis, being proud men, refuses. Sir Cynyr and Sir Padern enter unarmed and carrying sir Cynyn. After some discussion and negotiation, Sir Garin loses his composure and orders the diplomats thrown into the dungeons and orders Sir Cadry and Sir Ennis to depart. The two knight follows the order but after entering the mists surrounding the castle and bog they leave the path to try to locate the hidden escape tunnel said to lead into the castle. The two knights manage to find the tunnel hidden in an old well in a long abandoned homestead. Leaving squires and dignity behind the knights descend into the well and crawl into the tunnel. Sir Cadry is almost buried in one of the tunnels but Sir Ennis manages to free him. Exploring further, it is discovered that one of the tunnels lead to a hidden room in the well in the courtyard of the castle. Another tunnel however lead to a false wall in one of the rooms underground. Breaking into the dungeons, Sir Cadry and Sir Ennis defeats a couple of guards and manages to locate the fellow knights thanks to Sir Padern’s singing. Freeing Sir Cynyr and Sir Padern, the knights also bring two other prisoners with them. While freeing the second prisoner, the prisonbreak is discovered.

Two guards fall quickly before the knights blades. Two knights intend to stop the escape, but fail to do so. An old knight by the name of Twinel suffers a crisis of consciousness over his lords deeds and Sir Cadry manages to bring him out of his madness and convinces him to reconsider his loyalties. The knights the flee through the tunnels they snuck in through.

Riding as hastily as possible back to Sarum, the prisoners are turned over to the care of the monks and the knights head up to the keep to speak with the countess and to tell them about Sir Garin’s treacherous acts. While reporting to countess Ellen and Sir Amig a servant comes in and whispers something to Sir Amig who immediately leaves. The knights are told to gather up the men and ride as soon as possible to lay siege to Vagon castle.

The countess has to return to her guests and entertain them. Lady Pomponia and Lady Gwendolyn have fled their homes and have asked for the Countesses hospitality.

Before heading out the knights go to the infirmary to speak with Sir Amig. At first only Sir Cadry is let in. It turns out that one of the prisoners is Sir Elad, who everyone thought was dead. He has been mad since the battle of St Albans and apparently a prisoner of his nephew, Sir Garin. Sir Amig manages to bring Sir Elad back to sanity and after having been told what the situation is the knights together with Sir Elad and Sir Amig ride at the head of the army to retake Vagon castle.

At Vagon, Elad commands the gate to be opened but all he gets for trouble is an arrow fired at him Sir Cynyr manages to intercept it by interposing himself in its path. Within the castle there is some kind of tumult and shortly thereafter the gate is opened. Sir Twinel has captured Sir Garin and commanded that the true lord of the castle be let in.

Sir Padern, finding out that his brother-in-law Sir Cynyn has been murdered, approaches Sir Garin with the intention of killing him. He is stopped by the combined efforts of Sir Cadry and Sir Cynyr. Sir Padern then challanges Sir Garin to duel to the death. As the duel is about to begin Sir Garin suffers some form of madness once more and starts running away. As he does so his shape starts to change and he stands revealed as some form of shapeshifter or changeling. Sir Padern catches up to the creature and slays it. Vagon castle and the Gweir lands are retaken without any further bloodshed.

When the knights return with the good news to Sarum they see Sir Victus riding into the courtyard returned from his many years of adventuring.

As chronicled by brother Philippos of Ambrius Abbey

Mad Man in the Gaol

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