Famous Duels

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Sometimes words and diplomacy is not enough to settle debts, breaches of etiquette or broken oaths. Sometimes the passion of men take over. These are the times where men take the ancient oaths and stand in the ring, and fight.

There are rumours of several famous places where duels took place:
The Oak of Duels

Roman Period


The Duel of Sigeberht the Saxon and the Bannermen
The famous duel where the legendary Sigeberht the Saxon stood his own against four famous warriors.

Uther Period


The Duel of Cadry ap Cadwallon and the mysterious stranger
A mysterious warrior charges the lone squire as he walks on foot at night.

The Duel of Sir Elad and Sir Gwrien
The brother of Aneria challenges Elad after he called her a “tart”.


The Duel of sir Melkin and sir Edyin
Edyin demands trial by combat after having killed the husband of Melkin’s kin.


The Duel of Sir Cadry and The Mad Fenris Saxon
A saxon of the Fenris family challenges Sir Cadry to a duel to the death.

Anarchy Period


Sir Maelgwyn and Sir Gorfydd
Sir Mealgwyn and Sir Gorfydd fight, perhaps for naught.

Famous Duels

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