Throughout history many great battles have been fought on the Great Islands if Britain. Here is a comprehensive list of the most important ones.

Battles fought in Roman Period

Battle of Carlion
King Constantine defeats the the Irish chieftain Niall and expels his troops from Escavalon.



Battle of Lincoln
Together with Hengest and Horsa, King Vortigern defeats the Pictish Chietfain Aifric and pushes back the Pictish invation of Britain.



Battle of Chalons
King Vortigern sends a small contingent of troops to fight with Flavius Aëtius against the great general Attila of the Huns. The siege of Rome is broken.



Battle of Kent
King Vortigern defeats the rebels of Kent with the aid of Hengest and Horsa.



Battle of Bath
Sigeberht lures a part of Silchesters army away from the main army. He looses the Battle, but gives his Lord a great Victory.

Battle of Glevum
Vortimer attacks Dux Eldold’s army in hopes of stopping them before they reach the Vortigern’s army. He is flanked by disguised Saxon Berserks and the army falters.

Battle of Londinium
Vortigerns main army stands against two seasoned warlords. After many hours of battle, Vortigern calls in Hengist to lead the troops. Vortigern’s army wins a great victory, as the reserve troops from Summerland never arrive. .



Battle of Wippedesfleot
The Canaticii tribes is more or less wiped out in a single battle.



Battle of lsca Dumnoniorum
Aurelius and Uther land in Cornwall with 10,000 Armoricans, Occitanians, and Britons.



Siege of Carlion
Aurelius Ambrosius besieges a portion of Vortigern’s army at Carlion.



Battle of Mount Snowdon
Aurelius Ambrosius and his army pursue Vortigern and besiege him in his new castle on Mount Snowdon.

Battle of Maisbeli
Aurelius and Uther pursues Hengest.

Battle of Conigsborough
Count Eldol of Glevum and Duke Gorlois of Cornwall drag Hengist from his heorthwerod and kill him.



Battle of Appledore
Aurelius Ambrosius is defeated by Aesc and a huge army of continental Saxons.



Battle of Cymensora
Aelle the Saxon seizes the Regneses civitas, creating Suth Saexe.



Battle of the Channel
Aurelius musters his army and sets sail, sweeping around the southern coast, where he destroys the fleets of the Saxons in Britain.


Battles fought in Uther Period

Battle of Menevia
Uther and Madoc holds back the Irish invasion of Estragales.

Battle of Salisbury
Aurelius dies in battle when Saxon raiders surprise the British by sailing into Salisbury on the rivers.



Battle of Bedegraine
Uther conquers Bedegraine after they refuse to pay tribute.



Ambush at Eburacum
Uther’s army is ambushed on the march and suffers a great loss

Battle of Mount Damen
Uther’s army attacks the drunk saxons with the aid of Merlin.



Battle of Mearcred Creek
Uther’s army is ambushed on the march and suffers a great loss

Battle of Camulodunum
Caercolun’s armies fall at the inexperienced hands of the young Duke.



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