Codex Britannia

These are a few rare, very special items. They might be family heirlooms, old artifacts or wonders of this day and age. For some reason or another, they have entered into the lives and destinies of the houses of Crows.

Marvelous Items

These items invoke a sense of wonder, awe, admiration, and astonishment. They could be supernatural, but often are not. Their beauty or craftsmanship are sufficient to inspire and entrance. Thus, books and medicines are considered marvelous. Any artifact not categorized as Magical, Miraculous or Otherworldly is Marvelous.

The Sword of Sigeberht
The largest sword in Britain, once wielded by the Saxon hero Sigeberht.

The institute of Gaius
An old roman book, containing wisdom of law and rhetoric.

Belt of Agenor
An ancient sword belt, said to have been passed through the generations since before the Tarren came to Logres.

The Tarren Cross
A golden byzantine cross bought by Maelgwyn ap Ceiwyn in 484. The first item of the Tarren Regalia.

The Tarren Library
A collection of books owned by the Tarren family.

Magical items

These are items of Faerie or Pagan origin, they are sometimes labeled as Pagan holy items but many of them retain no direct link to the pagan faith. Many christian heroes wield artifacts of the old times.

The Iron Crown
An old Iron Crown, said to be the symbol of the Cellydon’s right to their land.

Marvelous Cow
A strange and fat cow, wandering around Tisbury.

A lock of Gwydeon’s Hair
A lock of the man born of trees.

Merlin’s ring
A nondescript ring parted in four pieces.

Miraculous items

These are items that have clearly been imbued with the divine power of the Christian God. These are often relics, which are actual pieces of a saint’s mortal remains.

St Alban’s fingerbone
A holy relic from the first saint of Britain. Said to grant true faith in God.

St Joseph of Arimathea’s colour bone
A holy relic from St Joseph. Said to help it’s owner escape imprisonment.

St George’s cloak
En extremely powerful artifact blessed by St George.

Otherworldly items

These are items of the strangest nature, who’s origin can can only be guessed. They often show strange properties and tend to affect their world around them in ways the mortal mind cannot comprehend. The mighty Excalibur is one such item.

The Heartblade
The blade of love and hate, once held by the Anarawd house, but have since been lost.


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