The Twin God(s), Althawam, is as much of a trickster god as the god of symmetry and mirrored pairs. The deity is an easily overlooked deity by many until one comes into its grace or wrath. Travelers and salesmen are the ones who pray to Althawam most frequestly aksing that a journey back and forth the same road will be protected and equally safe, or that a good sales week will be followed by an equally good week. The deity can also be of help in protecting warriors from losing one hand or one leg in battle. Most warriors are hesitant to pray to Althawam in this errand. Being the god of symmetry Althawam might just, instead of protecting one leg, take both. Instead some warriors choose to pray to Althawam after an injury to ask the god not to take their other eye, leg or hand reminding the deity that pairs sometimes must not be identical.

Interpretations on Althawam differ and pagan druids do not agree of whether the deity is one god with two bodies or two gods with one mind. Others argue that the Twin Gods are one good and one evil due to the deity’s fickle behaviour. Whichever version one believes, Althawam clearly has more than one form. The deity might appear as identical twins with their hair braided together, or as a goat with two heads. At times, when Althawam tire of its two-form, “they” can appear as one. In this case Althawam often appears to be half woman and half man at the same time, often with yellow goat eyes and black short horns.

The goat features indicate the Twin God’s unruly nature, and notoriously stubborn side. One tale recounts how Althawam came upon two men of different heights. The lack of symmetry between them made Althawam grab the shorter man from both arms and legs trying to extend him. Failing this the deity captured the taller man instead and cut off his feet.

The birth of twins is normally seen as a sign of Althawam’s interest, something that can be viewed as both ominous and auspicious. Twins can either be two halfs of the same spirit or they will, with Althawam’s trickey, look alike but be complete opposites in mind. Identical twins are, for good and bad, a sign that Althawam is watching closely. It is said that either a curse or a blessing has been put on the children, and that it is impossible to know which.


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