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  • The Bron Knight

    With [[:maelgwyn | my]] promise to assist him in finding a new lord to serve I left the workshop of Amandeus puzzled yet elated. In my sabretache I carried proof that [[:urien | Urien]] had been a fine warrior before he came to be my teacher and even …

  • Rumours 461

    [[File:567709 | class=media-item-align-none | gossip.png]]

    *A young woman is crying near the fire, another woman approaches.* "I'm sorry my dear... your husband was a good man." "He... wasn't good or bad, he was my …

  • Rumours 462

    [[File:567709 | class=media-item-align-none | gossip.png]]

    "Have you seen my husband?" "No my dear, you can't expect me to keep track of both YOUR man and MINE." "Stop being funny sister... I haven't seen him …

  • Rumours 480

    During the winter of 480 the court is almost only interested in war. During this year the Battle of Salisbury was fought just outside the walls of Sarum, and is obviously something most people are interested in. And the death of a King is not something …

  • Rumours 481

    During the winter of 481, most talk of King Uther's conquest of Bedegraine. Not all is known about what happen, but most agree that it was not Just, but that to question the new King is not wise. In Salisbury, the great Feast for the three young girls …

  • Rumours 492

    Trouble all over Logres, as the king lies ill and refuses any audiences. The court tries to keep a semblance of order, but it's getting harder and harder.

    Conversations at the court

  • Rumours 493

    Rumours about the kidnapped baby and Merlins treachery is the main talking point at court as well as the king and the queens marriage. Margawse and Elaine is of in the North with their new husbands, and many wonder what that will lead to as well. …

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