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Oath of Crows

How did you get here?

winter 495


It wasn’t an easy job traveling that distance. I walked, mostly during the night, and tried my very best to avoid the saxon scum who were raiding the area. By staying off the road I managed to steer clear of them for the most part, but many weren’t that lucky. I got separated from two of my closest friends the very first night. One, I saw the day after, well his head at least, the other… I have no notion of his whereabouts.

I have witnessed the brutality and savageness of the Saxons many times before, but during my travels here they seem to have grown worse still. I saw other refugees being intercepted by scouts. I saw the saxons take all they had, burn their clothes in midst of winter, saw them dragging women off the road by their hair and…

You think you really know how much you hate them, and then they destroy your world. They take away your purpose, your daily bread, your friends, your liege, your… Dimitte me cometessa. I don’t wish to remind you of your loss, nor do I wish to burden you with mine.

You eh, asked me how I got here. I followed the Foreboding Forest west. I knew area, better than any Saxons at least, and so I knew that if I followed the edge of it long enough I would end up in Salisbury. Ha! It was easier said than done.

Two saxon scouts set upon me during the third night. I had wandered too close to their hidden camp and they surprised me on my path. That’s how I lost the horse. Honourless people, attacking the animal before the man. I took them down of course, and slept in their camp. After all I had been traveling a long time and had had no or little food the last couple of days.

After that it only got worse. I thought that there would be less Saxons the further west I got (sigh). There are Saxons everywhere. I don’t say this for the sake of glorifying my own tale, but they are like flies in a fish market. Without a horse the travels went slower, but on the other hand it was easier to stay hidden without it.

Then, when I came into Salisbury, I followed River Test. All roads lead to Rome, but in Salisbury all rivers points towards the Rock. That is how I came here cometessa. I came on my feet, blood on my sword and with a purpose in my heart.

Nothing is left to the east. There are only the desperate, the dead and the saxons left.


A new player enters the game!

How did you get here?

Short and sweet! A lot of feeling in well chosen words. It’s gonna be intresting to play against your new character!

How did you get here?

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