High King Vortigern

The usurper High King of Britain.


Book of the Dead

Vortigern died in 469, burned alive inside his own castle.

High King Vortigern was a ruler of Logres and was voted as High King because he drove the Picts and Irish from Britain. He did this with the help of his Saxon allies, and has given them great lands as a reward. Many britons rebelled against the king, calling him the usurper. In the end he was defeated by his Aurelius Ambrosius.

celtic_vortigern.pngBorn: 415
Dead: 469
Son number: 1
Homeland: Hantonne
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Gewessi
Liege Lord: none
Current Class: High King
Current Home: Londinium
Distinctive features:
Sharp grey beard, piercing eyes

Forms of address

Common: Your Majesty
Personal: Vortigern (Note that no-one calls the king by his personal name, not even his wife. One notable exception is King Hengist)
Colloquial name: Lord Britain
Informal: High King of Britain
Formal: The Most Honourable Lord Vortigern, High King of Britain, King of Logres, Duke of Glevum, Baron of Castle Astolat, Castle Corinium, Castle Greatford and many other castles and lands of note.
Optional Suffix:
Detrimental Suffix: the Usurper

Current entourage

Queen Rowena


Many squires, most of note. But in reality, they are all trained somewhere else.

A large entourage of up to one hundred servants and entertainers.
The entire royal court.

Known for

Renowned traits:
Vengeful, Deceitful, Prudent, Arbitrary, Valorous, Directed trait: Trusting Hengest

Renowned passions:
Honor, Love (Rowena)


469: Vortigern is killed by his own wife at mount Snowdon.

High King Vortigern

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