Sister Abigail

Sister of Healing, relative to Maelgwyn


A distant relative of Maelgwyn who was sent to a cloister after giving birth out of wedlock. She later came to serve as the first Sister of Healing for the Tarren family.

Born: 465
Daughter number: -
Homeland: Salisbury,Logres
Culture: Cymric
Husband: God
Current Class: Nun
Current Home: Chillmark, the Nunnery of St Raymond

Personality: Guilt ridden Nun
Distinctive features: Warm voice, Pretty face

♂ Wyned the Bastard b.485-499

Renowned skills: Midwife, First-aid, Chiurgery
Renowned traits: Forgiving, Pious.
Renowned passions: Love (Family)


499: Her only childe, Wyned the bastard, is killed by cornish marauders during the Battle of the Wall.

Sister Abigail

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