Robert of the Rock

The young son of Roderick of the Rock, heir to the throne of Salisbury


Young Robert is the only son of Roderick of the Rock and Lady Ellen of Anna’s Water. All the hopes of a future County hangs on the shoulder of this young boy.

Robert is still young but he is already shaping up to be a future Lord. He does not remember too much about his father and is mostly shaped by his mother and the knights of his fathers court. He is observant and ever watchfull, and likes to spend his days watching the knights train and the councilors argue.

The RockBorn: 492
Son number: 1
Homeland: Salisbury,Logres
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: The Rock (house)
Liege Lord: Lady Ellen
Current Class: Baron
Current Home: Sarum Rock, Under-ditch hundred

Other titles:
Baron of the Castle of the Rock (Salisbury)

Appearance: Thin
Personality: Observant boy
Distinctive features: Stern eyebrows, Dark hair

Energetic, Temperate, Directed trait: Suspicious of the Saxons, Directed trait: Trust Mother

Forms of address

Personal: Robert
Colloquial name: Baron Salisbury
Informal: Baron, “Young Salisbury”
Formal: Baron Salisbury, heir to the county of Salisbury; Heir to the baronny of the Castle of the Rock, Castle of the Borders, Castle of the Ford of the Roe Deer, Castle of the Kingstown of Hartland, Cockfield, Wildspring, and other lands of note
Optional Suffix: son of Roderick




Lady Ellen has put a bodyguard around Robert at all times, the loyal Leo watches him.

Domesday book


Robert of the Rock

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