Baroness Pomponia

Baroness, aunt and ward of Lucius


Lady Pomponia is the archetypical clever step-mother. She is the ward of Lucius, and a Baroness in her own right. She is clever (because of her age), beautiful (despite her age) and a tactician.


Born: 434
Daughter number: 1
Homeland: Logres
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Caerwent
Liege Lord: King Uther
Current Class: Baroness
Current Home: Royal Eyre

Other titles:
Baroness of Clareia (Caerwent), the Sand Dunes (Silchester)

Appearance: Tall
Personality: Ambitious
Distinctive features: Tall, Curly hair, Smells nice

Intrigue, Homage (Uther), Covet (Caerwent)


Baroness Pomponia

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