The Puce Knight


Sir Padern is the son of Tudwal. He grew up at Swallowcliffe. When his father fled after his claim to the manor was revealed to be forged, Padern stayed behind and became Sir Morcant’s squire. He is currently a household knight under Countess Ellen, and guardian over Swallowcliffe and Sir Morcant’s wife and children.


SarumBorn: 477
Son number: 1
Homeland: Salisbury,Logres
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: n/a
Heraldry: n/a
Liege Lord: Countess Ellen
Current Class: Household Knight, holding a manor as guardian
Current Home: Swallowcliffe, Hillfort hundred
Distinctive features: Shock of red hair

Forms of address

Common: Sir Padern
Derogatory: -
Personal: Padern
Colloquial name: Swallowcliffe
Informal: Padern of Swallowcliffe
Formal: Sir Padern, Lord of Swallowcliffe manor.
Optional Suffix: -

Notable possessions

  • “Belephoron”, a lousy rouncy
  • Harp, old and battered
  • “Tut”, marvelous goose [at home]

Famous songs

  • “The Death of King Vortigern” (written by Taliesin)


Awan: 500-current

Former Squires
Mabsant: 495-498, knighted, killed in the Battle of the Wall
Wyned the Bastard: 498-499, killed in the Battle of the Wall

Sewel, resident madman
Gront in the Hole, his caretaker


Decendants of Gwarddur of the Moraines:

  • Ronevall, b.494, son of Sir Morcant, currently living at Swallowcliffe
  • Madeg, b.495, son of Sir Morcant, currently living at Swallowcliffe
  • Ellorn, b.459, lineage man, Herald, Sarum
  • Hobbs, b.464, lineage man, Merchant, Sarum

Decendands of Dwyn (including in-laws):

  • Tudwal, b. 450, father, currently living at Swallowcliffe
  • Lady Eleanor, b. 474, widow of the late Sir Morcant, wife, m. 496, currently living at Swallowcliffe
  • Lunette, younger sister, b.481, m.499 with Turstin, man-at-arms at the Rock
  • Cadvan, younger brother, b.482, squire to Sir Leo
  • Lady Marge, aunt (maternal), b.455, widow
  • Cousin Melinda, b.472, widow, currently living at the Rock
  • Cousin Merrian, b.474, married with Sir Bregnan, b. 467, currently lost looking for Sir Padern in 498 [will return with much Glory in 512]


Sir Padern was left nothing from his father.

Domesday book

By the honorable rights granted to us through virtue of blood, tradition and right to the dominion of Salisbury, I, Count Roderick of Salisbury, son of Count Robyn called the Grand Knight, do recognize that by right, since Time Immemorial, that Sir Morcant, the son of Morlais, carries all rights to the manor of Swallowcliffe, to be held in perpetuity, with the right of judgement at the hundred court of Hillfort.

In return for this recognition the good friend my vassal agrees to supply upon demand, for service inside or outside or my county, the service for sixty days of one knight, and two Foot Soldiers for the army, and one Archer for the garrison of Vagon Castle.

These rights are granted in full faith and completion, but in every case excluding those parcels that are legitimately held by other vassals of mine, or by legitimate vassals of theirs, and therefore to this charter we set my seal in trust and affection.

Addendum. Sir Padern is herewith made full guardian of his late knight’s estate and family, to keep it until Sir Morcant’s eldest is a knight and have come into his own.

477: Born at Swallowcliffe manor, where he grew up and spent a happy childhood.

491: When Sir Morcant proved his right ot Swallowcliffe, Sir Tudwal fled, but Padern refused to go with his dishonorable father. As a reward for this, he was made squire to Sir Morcant .

495: At the fight inside the gates of St Albans, Padern got separated from his knight and in the press could only watch the death of Sir Morcant at the hands of a berserker. Padern helped Sir Cadry and Sir Maelgwyn open the gate and rescue count Roderick. Quoth the Count: “No man shall say I was saved by a simple squire. Take this boy to camp, find him a sword and a hauberk, and knight him!” Sir Padern fought in the ensuing battle of St Albans, not without distincition; the Count made him guardian of his late master’s estate. Due to his youth, he was not in the great hall to be poisoned. He then returned to Salisbury, to take up his guardianhip of his late knight’s family and manor.

495, late: Sir Padern tried to murder one of the Bishop Andronicus of Ventas’ men in a fued he had inherited from Sir Morcant and the Moraines, but was stopped by the White Hermit. Afterwards, Sir Padern resolved to be a better man and to uphold the ancient ideals of Chivalry.

496, late summer: Sir Padern hears the boy-miracle Taliesin sing an enchanting song, and becomes obsessed with the skill of the singer and the song, which he do not understand.

496, autumn: Sir Padern married his ward Lady Eleanor.

497: Sir Padern participates in the adventure of Castle Deep.

498: In the the adventure of Mount Snowdon Sir Padern guides the other knights through a magic mist thanks to the mysterious song of Taliesin. He learns that the Queen Rowena haunts the old tower of Vortigern as a ghost – and that the reason why is somehow hidden in more verses of the song that he do not yet know. To his old obsession with Taliesin and the song, Padern adds a new one: a wish to lay Queen Rowena to rest, convinced that she was not as evil as rumor would have it. Leaving the ruined tower, Padern finds the skeltal right arm of Vortigern – still wearing his legendary hydra ring.

498: During The Adventure of the Green Island Sir Padern again meets Taliesin, and learns the whole song “The Death of Vortigern” – realizing that it was Queen Rowena who killed the ursurper, whom she hated, Sir Padern promises himelf to return the the haunted tower and free her once and for all.

499, spring: Sir Padern takes custody of mad Sewel, in the hope of finding a cure for his madness – or at least to get some useful information Llud’s Hall out of him.

499, summer: Sir Padern fights in the battle of Battle of the Walls. His squire, Wyned, is killed.

499, late summer: Disguised as The Puce Knight, Sir Padern takes part in the siege of Llud’s Hall, freeing his father Tudwal from it’s gaol.

500: Sir Padern takes part in The Adventure of the Mad Man in the Gaol, in which his relative Sir Cynyr is dishonorably killed.


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