Lord Meilyr ap Ynrim

Maelgwyns ally and friend in the north


Sir Meilyr is the corpulent lord of Harleyford manor and a good friend of Maelgwyn. The youngest of four, now mostly dead, brothers he is known for his indulgent feasts and unhealthy life. He is by no means a spectacularly bad warrior or incompetent knight but he seems to take more pleasures in drinking wine than being a good representative of his lord. Lovingly known as the ‘’Drunken Bear’’ by his kin he keeps his family close and some say he has never broken even the most minuscule of promises.
Son number: 4
Homeland: Berroc,Logres
Culture: Cymric
Liege Lord:
Current Class: Vassal Knight
Current Home: Harleyford Manor, Berroc

Appearance: Aging bear
Personality: Fun loving.
Distinctive features: Always Sweaty

Renowned Traits: Indulgent, Generous
Renowned Passions: Love Family


Lord Meilyr ap Ynrim

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