Duke Lucius of the Saxon Shore

The 'boy-knight', Duke of Saxon Shore


Lucius, “the Boy-Knight,” is but a young boy. The Baroness Pomponia, Lucius’
aunt and custodian, paid a huge sum of money to have him knighted early, and plots to get the rest of his land back for him. His potential holdings would make him the wealthiest of the warlords. He currently rules over his father’s part of his holding, but the king still holds the other.

Young Lucius is a puppet. Pomponia has placed him into the guardianship of a trusted man named Maris de Revel, a hard man who almost never leaves the boy’s side.


LuciusBorn: 479
Dead: 486
Son number: 1
Homeland: Logres
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Caerwent
Liege Lord: King Uther
Current Class: Duke (heir to Count and Baron)
Current Home: Royal Eyre

Other titles:
Lord of Fort Bran (Caerwent), Lord of Old Fort (Caerwent), Lord of
Fort Brutus (Caercolun), Lord of Broad Stream Fort (Caercolun), Buna’s Island (Caercolun), Lord of Harborkeep Fort (Hantonne).

Heir to:
Count of Caerwent; Baron Sandyford (Caercolun), Baron of Ox Bridge(Ascalon), Lord of Owen’s House (Rydychan), Warden of Weir Grove (Silchester).

Appearance: Boy
Personality: Puppet
Distinctive features:

Trust (Pomponia), Trust (Marvis)


Duke Lucius of the Saxon Shore

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