Lady Llylla

Sister of Lord Edaryn of Warcastle, possible wife of Roderick.


Lady Llylla is the sister of the Baron of Warcastle and a very attractive woman by most men’s standards. She has shown to be abusive against her servants. She has a dowry of three manors to bring to the marriage. Should her brother and his three children perish, she would split the honour with her younger sister.

Born: 464
Daughter number: 1
Homeland: Caercolun
Culture: Cymric
Husband: -
Current Class: Lady
Current Home: Castle of Vigor, Caercolun

Personality: Absusive
Distinctive features: Thick lips, Wavy hair, fine nose, noticeable behind

none of her own



480: Visited Sarum during the Disastrous Feast. She didn’t notice the chaos or at least didn’t show any miscontent.

Lady Llylla

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