Lady Meneri

Pragmatic lady with ambitions


Lady Meneri was borne the second daughter of an unremarkable vassal knight. Being left handed, and therefore clearly both contrary and troublesome, Meneri – unsurprisingly – fulfilled all enforced expectations. Neither switch nor threat of convent would curb her spirit, and when her elder sister perished by sickness her womanly education was suddenly of highest priority.

Lady Maria of the Rock, widely known as the most proficient in womens ways, was persuaded to take the wayward child and turn her into a lady. Success in this endeavour was modest until Meneri, never a beauty, was savagely scarred in a squabble with her sister handmaidens. Faced with the prospect of becoming a pariah Meneri applied herself fully to her duties and learnt caution in speech. Her mind, ever too active and sharp for the woman her father wished her to become, bent towards fierce practicality and cunning.

Born: 464
Daughter number: 2 (elder sister deceased)
Homeland: Salisbury,Logres
Culture: Cymric
Husband: Gamond ap Edern
Current Class: Lady
Current Home: Ludwell, Hillfort hundred

Personality: Pragmatic Schemer
Distinctive features (app 8): Slender, Viciously scarred



Notable traits: Prudent

Main skills: Courtesy, Intrigue


Lady Meneri

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