Abbot-Bishop Joseph

The Lord Bishop of Salisbury


Book of the Dead

Abbot-Bishop Joseph died in 463 in the Night of Long Knives, after having his head crushed by a large rock

Information from life

Bishop_Salisbury.pngBorn: 407
Son number: 1
Homeland: Salisbury,Logres
Culture: Cymric
Liege Lord: High King Vortigern
Current Class: Bishop
Current Home: Gravefield Manor, Beutyfields hundred
Distinctive features:
Still as a statue
Facial twitch
Large ears

Forms of address

Common: Bishop (or Lord Bishop)
Personal: Joseph (or more polite: Bishop Joseph)
Colloquial name: Beutyfields (or more polite: Bishop Beutyfields)
Informal: Lord Bishop of Salisbury
Formal: Dominus Episcopus Sorviodunum (Lord Bishop of Salisbury), Lord Joseph, Bishop of Salisbury; Lord of the Beautyfields and Milkfields hundreds.
Optional Suffix: son of John, the hairy

Current entourage


♂ Simon, b. 442
♂ Caron, b. 443
♀ Adelia, b. 444, d. 459
♀ Adela, b. 450

Several young sons of great warriors

Two household knights
Two squires
Six Men-at-arms
Two monks
Priests and servants

Known for


Abbot-Bishop Joseph

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