Cyning Hengest

Joint King of Kent, brother of Horsa


Book of the Dead

Hengest died in 469, dragged screaming from his Heorgeneats by Duke Eldol of Glevum and executed.

Born: 395
Son number: 1
Homeland: Saxony
Culture: Saxon
Lineage: Wotan
Liege Lord: High King Vortigern
Current Class: King
Current Home: Kent
Distinctive features:
Yellow Teeth, Built like a rock, Impressive Beard

Horsa (brother)

♂ Aesc

Known for

Renowned traits:
Energetic, Generous, Cruel, Proud, Worldly, Reckless, Indulgent, Valorous
Religious (Wotan)

Renowned passions:
Honor, Love (Family), Covet (Rule Britain)


Cyning Hengest

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