Gorfydd ap Alwin

Lord of Sutton


Gorfydd has a few things in common with his father and that is the fact that he is a pagan and that he thinks the saxons should be thrown back into the sea and finally that he is honest to fault. There ends the similarities. Having learned from his fathers mistakes, Gorfydd has turned out to be a cautious man who drinks and eats little, trusts few and surprisingly has a very strong sense for what is right.

Son number: 1
Homeland: Salisbury,Logres
Culture: Cymric
Liege Lord: Count Roderick of the Rock
Current Class: Knight
Current Home: Sutton, Hillfort

Appearance: Stocky
Personality: Stern
Distinctive features: Brown Hair, War-wound

Notable Family:
Alwin, father
Lwfra, bastard daughter born 480
Sarcyn, son born 486. Squired to Sir Cadry in 500
Jonaleth, son born 488
Lyra, daughter born 489

Known for

Renowned traits: Honest, Just, Prudent, Temperate, Suspicious
Renowned Passions: Hate Saxons


496 – Killed by Maelgwyn in a duel.

Gorfydd ap Alwin

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