Lady Emogen

Daughter of Bryn, sister to Melkin and Ennis, wife of sir Leo


Emogen grew up to be the spit of her mother, Cælia, except for the blue eyes that she inherited from her father, Bryn. Remembering how the saxons killed both her parents she has learned to hate the saxons fiercely. Remembering how both her parents gave their lives to protect her and her other siblings from the saxons she has learned the lesson of bravery.

Marwth Born: 452
Daughter number: 1
Homeland: Salisbury, Logres
Culture: Cymric
Husband: sir Leo
Current Class: Lady
Current Home: the Rock
Personality: Orderly and brave
Distinctive features: Blue eyes, long dark curly hair

Long dark curly hair, Blue eyes.


♀ Eirwen, b. 473
♂ Hwyn, b. 478
♀ Tagan b. 479
♂ Sulwyn b. 481

Notable Family:
Bryn, father
Ennis, older brother
Melkin, younger brother
Victus (The one-legged-knight), Distant uncle
Gornerius, Second Counsin


452: Born in the midst of summer, on the warmest of days.

462: Saw one of her older brothers pass due to injuries after a fight.

463: Watched her mother and father die, to the hands of the invading saxons.

472: Married the household knight, sir Leo.

473: Had her first daughter, Eirwen.

478: Had her first son, Hwyn.

479: Had her second daughter, Tagan.

481: Had her second son, Sulwyn.

483: Did her best to support her brother Melkin as he was facing his first duel.

491: Told Melkin about their older brother, Ennis.

495: Lost her younger brother Melkin to the saxons’ poison.

Lady Emogen

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