A rather ordinary Lady, wife of Sir Padern and mistress of Swallowcliffe


As the fifth daugther of a poor esquire from Leon, Brittany, Elanor never had many prospects. When Lady Arnive, whom she had met at a nunnery, suggested she marry her slimy son Sir Morcant, Eleanor’s family said yes as soon as was proper.

Mer text.

Born: 474
Daughter number: 5
Homeland: Leon, Brittany
Culture: Cymric
Current Class: Lady
Husband: Sir Padern
Children: Ronevall, b.494, son of Sir Morcant; Madeg, b.495, son of Sir Morcant
Current Home: Swallowcliffe, Hillfort hundred

Personality: Big Spender
Distinctive features: Plain features (APP 12)
Traits: Generous 15, Spiritual 15
Skills: Dancing 15

  • 474: Born in Brittany
  • 484-489: At a nunnery in Brittany
  • 490-495: Married with Morcant
  • 496-now: Married with Padern


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