Duke Eldol of Glevum

The Duke of Glevum


Duke Eldol is one of the true heroes of Britain. He is the lone survivor of the Night of the Long Knives when Cyning Hengest assassinated nearly all the nobility of Britain.

Duke Eldol, though already a grandfather at that time, fought his way out of the trap using a magical stick as a weapon. Back at Glevum he resisted Vortigern and the Saxon armies for years. When Ambrosius Aurelianus returned, the old duke quickly joined the new king and was always at the forefront fighting Vortigern and the Saxons.

For his service King Aurelianus knighted him and gave him additional holdings. Now he is the elderly lord, content to oversee his squabbling and jealous family. His great-grandson, Chaleins, and grandson, Heli, are the worst of the contentious crew, each plotting and planning to seize the family wealth when the duke dies.


eldol.pngBorn: 405
Son number: 1
Homeland: Logres
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Glevum
Liege Lord: High King Aurelius
Current Class: Duke, Count, Baron
Current Home: Silchester Castle

Other titles:
Lord Goodrich Castle C (Glevum), Baron of Hillfarm Castle (Salisbury), Baron of Stoneheight Castle (Silchester), Lord of the Great Valley Forest (Glevum), Lord Birchwood Castle (Clarence), Bees Clearing (Ascalon)

Appearance: Ancient
Personality: You won’t get me twice
Distinctive features: Elderly, wrinkly skin

Homage (Uther), Honor, Loyalty (Britain), Suspicious, Hate (Saxons), Sword, Battle


Duke Eldol of Glevum

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