The former motivated and loyal squire of sir Melkin



Born: 469
Son number: 1
Homeland: Salisbury,Logres
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Mayfair
Liege Lord: Lady Ellen
Current Class: Vassal knight
Current Home: Stag’s home

Appearance: Thoughtful
Personality: Loyal
Distinctive features: Dark long hair, dark eyes

Known for

Fealty sir Melkin

Notable family

Eltut, knighted younger brother.

Older Pictures



482 Was squired and assisted his new lord, sir Melkin with his new defensive home plans.

483 Watched as sir Melkin won his duel against sir Edyin.

484 Killed his firs saxon and saving his lord’s life at the Ambush at Eburacum. Later seeing the gruesome wound healed by Merlin, and partook as a squire in the Battle of Mount Damen. Also, had his horse stolen by the one-legged-knight.

485 Squired for sir Melkin during the Battle of Mearcred Creek.

486 Saw a redcap in the forest of gloom and later the same summer a giant. Rode for help as Melkin’s first wife died in childbirth.

487 Traveled with his lord to Lindenpool and later again to Eburacum. Tracked bandits in the forest of gloom. Fell from his horse during the hunt and got injured.

488 Partook in the Adventure of the Modron Bandits. Was badly hurt and received his first major wound.

489 Trained horse-riding together with Melkin and witnessed the old chaplain of Hindon die. Traveled with his lord to Bretagne.


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