Cador of Cornwall

Duke Gorloi's Nephew, and a known battle-commander.


Sir Cador is the son of Geraint and Twynwedd, Geraint being the brother of Gorlois, and Twynwedd the sister of Ygraine. He has proven himself to be a capable commander in battle and a skilled warrior in is own right.


cador.pngBorn: 452
Son number: 1
Homeland: Cornwall,Logres
Culture: Cymric
Liege Lord: Duke Gorlois of Cornwall
Current Class: Vassal Knight
Current Home: Tintagel

Appearance: Serious
Personality: Contemplating
Distinctive features: Tall, Broken Nose

Valour, Trusting, Prudent, Swordsmanship, Battle, Awareness, Sword, Battle

Notable family:
Geraint, father
Twynwedd, mother
Duke Gorlois of Cornwall, Uncle
Ygraine the Beautiful, Aunt
Cabertin, brother
Clement, brother


Cador of Cornwall

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